Belle’s Story

Shared by Michelle Long, AIM Chairman’s Club Director in Cleburne, Texas.

Belle is our 10-year-old German shepherd who acts more like she’s three in terms of her activity level and athleticism.
In the fall of 2020, she developed a slight limp in one of her front legs that became progressively worse though intermittent. A few weeks later, I noticed a slight limp in her other leg.
We had been up in Colorado and had taken her on long hikes with us in the mountains. Once we got home, I took Belle to our vet, who confirmed my suspicions with an X-ray that showed inflammation in both front legs. I explained that I wanted to try giving Belle some BarleyLife and Frame Essentials, and she agreed with my plan.
Every day, I would mix some BarleyLife with the contents of two Frame Essentials capsules in a small amount of water to make a paste, which Belle loves by the way. The limping was completely resolved within a few days and never returned until I stopped giving her the AIM products. Big mistake!
In the latter part of February this year, Texas had an unprecedented lengthy freeze. I was concerned we might run out of product prior to our next delivery. That will never happen again!
Sadly, I got out of the routine of giving her the products and within two weeks of being off of them, Belle started to limp again. I resumed giving her the AIM products and, once again, within a few days her limp went away and has not returned.
She continues to run, jump and swim with no problems. An additional bonus is that her fur is remarkably softer and shinier. I have promised her that I will never withhold BarleyLife and Frame Essentials from her ever again!

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