Peace of Mind for Parents

Shared by Janine Durrant,
Blue Diamond Director
Glenstantia, South Africa

It is so valuable to give your children the opportunity to be involved in a routine of taking supplements. It develops a sense of accomplishment and responsibility while delivering a great life lesson for a healthy lifestyle.

AIM products such as the Garden Trio can provide parents with peace of mind, knowing that vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, chlorophyll, enzymes and phytonutrients are nurturing and nourishing their children’s bodies.

For older children who are more set in their ways, there are many exciting and fun activities that can be used to encourage them to enjoy and embrace the powders in the Garden Trio.

I always recommend sticking to the integrity of AIM’s whole-food concentrates, not disguising the taste by mixing the powders into favorite foods or flavored drinks. Rather, I have found that by starting with small amounts—the size of a pinch of salt—given dry on the tongue always leads to the child taking a decent amount either dry or mixed in cold water. By the way, I love that the juice powders can be kept in the freezer.

A daily supplement routine is a time for parents to have one-on-one eye contact with their children, a connection that is valuable, especially at the beginning of the day. When your family is mixing and drinking or spooning and eating, these supplemental moments are a perfect opportunity to speak about health, lifestyle and respect of and care for our bodies.

Parents can make the biggest impression on their children’s understanding of health and lifestyle each morning. Part of what it takes to raise a healthy child can be a teaspoon of AIM and a moment of eye contact that feeds body and soul.

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