A Balanced Connection

Shared by Jan Baxter, AIM Director in Waterloo, Ontario.

In mid-June during the COVID-19 pandemic, I spent some time at our cottage. After a day of kayaking and biking, I was reading on the couch when a frightening incident occurred with my vision.

Some cloudiness suddenly appeared in the lower part of my left eye, making me very stressed out. Even though my eyesight returned to normal within a few minutes, I went to the local hospital that evening for tests.

By mid-August, I had had a total of 15 tests done in various labs and hospitals. No significant problems were found. After consultations with various doctors, it was agreed that my active lifestyle and basically vegetarian diet were good. The only factor was my age. I’m 76 and take no medications.

I enjoy staying active and focused on positive interests, such as yoga, photography, painting rocks and researching monarch butterflies, which ties in with Chrysalis Networx. I am most intrigued with the monarch’s chrysalis stage, when so much is going on inside, just as it does in all of us as we grow, weathering the storm and keeping calm.

I know that worrying about possible health issues is automatic, especially during a pandemic. Staying calm takes practice. I feel that using AIM nutrition daily for the past 23 years has provided a balanced connection between handling stressful situations and being at peace with myself.

These days, I continue to take many AIM products and love how I feel, having increased my daily intake of CellSparc 360, GinkgoSense, AIMega and Proancynol 2000.

Thank you, AIM, for nutrition that works and keeps on working!

Testimonials should not be construed as representing results that everyone can achieve.
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