Influences and Relationships

Shared by Barbara Bird, AIM Director in Brights Grove, Ontario.

Did you know that you can work on changing results by changing your actions, but you will not have any change worth noting until you change your influences?

A few years ago, I attended a course with a company called Make Your Mark, and this is one of the things I learned: If you want to change your results, check out what influ­enced you.

I T F A = R
Influences lead to our
Thoughts which cause our
Feelings which lead to our
Actions which equals

Let me give you a concrete example:
In order to get to my influences, I work it backwards . . .

Result: I don’t like phoning people.
Action: Procrastinating and making excuses, such as I do not like
leaving messages.
Feelings: I feel fear and worry that I am a pest.
Thoughts: I am going to annoy the person I phone. I do not have the time to talk for hours, which sometimes happens. I come across as a stalker. What should I say if I have to leave a message?
Influences: Many years ago, someone criticized me for leaving a message, telling me I was being rude. I also realized that there were times when conversations would take hours. I had experienced people phoning me to purchase something, and I felt annoyed.

As I change my influences, I can build relationships with people who will not think I am stalking them or being rude by leaving messages. I set time limits on conversations from the start. If they need to talk more, we can continue another time.

Knowledge isn’t power, imple­men­tation is. Who is up to implement with me?

Testimonials should not be construed as representing results everybody can achieve.


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