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Shared by Cindy Ponchot, AIM Star Sapphire Director in Anderson, Indiana.

Thanks to eharmony®, I met an extremely sweet man. Don Watson lived quite a distance away from me, so we had long conversations on the phone while getting acquainted. While we were chatting, he would frequently have to excuse himself to use the bathroom. Either his bladder was really small, or his prostate was enlarged. We would laugh about it, but I guess it wasn’t a laughing matter.

Don-and-Cindy.jpgAfter we married, it became obvious that he needed help with this problem. We often made the 96-mile trip to visit my family in Ohio. Along the way, Don always needed to find a place to relieve himself.

Both of us like taking motorcycle trips, but it was bothersome to remain close enough to civilization so that we could always find a bathroom. I can’t count how many times we would pull up to our driveway after a road trip, and Don would run as fast as he could to get into the house to use the bathroom.

The urgency and frequency was very frustrating for Don. For me it was just an annoyance, but I felt badly for him. Knowing that ReAssure SP was an AIM product that helped men with these issues, I asked him if he would give it a try.

Don had overcome his diabetes in 2018 by using the AIM products and making healthier choices, so he was open to trying this natural product. Almost three months went by when we noticed that Don was not getting up in the night to use the bathroom even once. And we were not having to stop as often on our road trips. We were so excited.

I confess that I forgot to order enough one month, and his problem started coming back. I make sure this doesn’t happen anymore.

ReAssure SP doesn’t require you to become a vegan, cut out sugar or stop drinking coffee. Just take two a day for at least three months and see how your life becomes easier. It worked for Don.

I am so grateful that AIM pro­vides us with the best quality supplements to help us live better and healthier lives.

Testimonials should not be construed as representing results everybody can achieve.


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