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Shared by Cindy Ponchot, Star Sapphire Director

Thanks to eharmony®, I met an extremely sweet man. Don Watson lived quite a distance away from me, so we had long conversations on the phone while getting acquainted. While we were chatting, he would frequently have to excuse himself to use the bathroom. Either his bladder was really small, or his prostate was enlarged. We would laugh about it, but I guess it wasn’t a laughing matter.

After we married, it became obvious that he needed help with this problem. We often made the 96-mile trip to visit my family in Ohio. Along the way, Don always needed to find a place to relieve himself.

Both of us like taking motorcycle trips, but it was bothersome to remain close enough to civilization so that we could always find a bathroom. I can’t count how many times we would pull up to our driveway after a road trip, and Don would run as fast as he could to get into the house to use the bathroom.

The urgency and frequency was very frustrating for Don. For me it was just an annoyance, but I felt badly for him. Knowing that ReAssure SP was an AIM product that helped men with these issues, I asked him if he would give it a try.

Don had overcome his diabetes in 2018 by using the AIM products and making healthier choices, so he was open to trying this natural product. Almost three months went by when we noticed that Don was not getting up in the night to use the bathroom even once. And we were not having to stop as often on our road trips. We were so excited.

I confess that I forgot to order enough one month, and his problem started coming back. I make sure this doesn’t happen anymore.

ReAssure SP doesn’t require you to become a vegan, cut out sugar or stop drinking coffee. Just take two a day for at least three months and see how your life becomes easier. It worked for Don.

I am so grateful that AIM pro­vides us with the best quality supplements to help us live better and healthier lives.

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Cold Season? Protect Yourself with Zinc


The long, dreary winter months are often punctuated by long, dreary colds.You try and avoid illness by keeping your hands clean and by stocking up on vitamin C, but still you still somehow wind up ill.

You should try taking zinc. Zinc, of course, is an essential mineral that can only be obtained through diet. Zinc has been known to help with prostate, vision, reproductive and intestinal health, and it has also been found to boost the immune system.

The Cochrane Review  evaluated 15 scientific studies that had collected data from over 1,300 test subjects. The review determined that zinc consumption seemed to reduce the duration and severity of the common cold. People who took zinc were also less likely to get colds in the first place.

Although most people get adequate zinc from their diets. Those over the age of sixty might not be getting enough. According to the NHANES III data “35%–45% of adults aged 60 years or older had zinc intakes below the estimated average requirement.”

Because prostate issues become more likely with age, ReAssure SP might be the best supplement you can buy if you’re over the age of sixty. It contains 15 mg of zinc per capsule (100% RDA) as well as lycopene, saw palmetto extract and pumpkin seed oil, everything you need to ward off colds and stave off prostate issues.

NATURAL Options to Protect Your Prostate

Natural Options

You can overcome the symptoms of an enlarged prostate—naturally, safely, and effectively.

Natural options exist for combating the symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), commonly referred to as an enlarged prostate. These symptoms may include frequent urination, weak flow, and difficulty urinating. Some estimates say that 50 percent of all men will have these BPH symptoms by age fifty. The percentage rises to 80 percent by age sixty.

Though the likelihood of having BPH symptoms is high, control remains in your hands. Diet, exercise, and natural supplements can relieve symptoms, and in some cases, they can do so as effectively as prescription drugs.

The most popular and widely used natural treatment for prostate health is saw palmetto. The extract of this plant suppresses the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT), an overproduction of which has been linked to enlargement of the prostate. The Journal of the American Medical Association reported that 320 milligrams of saw palmetto can reduce urinary symptoms as effectively as prescription drugs. Saw palmetto has been the subject of a number of other studies as well, many pointing to its effect as a safe alternative for managing BPH symptoms.

Another way to take action against an enlarged prostate is to consume a diet that promotes prostate health. Eat more fruits, vegetables, legumes, and fish, and eat less saturated fat.

In addition, foods that are high in zinc, like pumpkin seeds, may be beneficial as it is believed that zinc is required for the prostate to function properly. Foods rich in lycopene, such as cooked tomatoes, may have prostate benefits, too, as studies suggest lycopene lowers the risk of prostate cancer.

AIM ReAssure® SP contains the recommended effective amount of 320 milligrams of saw palmetto per two-capsule serving. The saw palmetto extract in ReAssure comes from the berry oil of the saw palmetto tree and is a more effective source than the commonly used saw palmetto powder. ReAssure also boasts pumpkin seed oil, zinc citrate, and lycopene (tomato) in its synergistic blend.

When you find yourself facing down the effects of an enlarged prostate, take heart that natural, effective remedies exist. Take ReAssure for your prostate health needs. In fact, start early and practice prevention.