Home Meeting Success

A proven way for your business to grow is to share what you know about the AIM products and business opportunity with others. By demonstrating your enthusiasm, people you meet will begin to share your excitement about starting their own business.

Meetings are one method many successful AIM Member Distributors have used to help build their network. Yet many people are hesitant to organize a meeting of their own. Shyness and a fear of addressing a group of people are just a couple of the reasons some Members put off hosting home meetings of their own.

Really, it’s easy. Here’s how:


  1. Make a list of friends within driving distance of your home. Especially when you are holding your first couple of meetings, inviting people you are already acquainted with will help you relax and feel at ease with your guests. As you build on your successes, you’ll start to experience one of the greatest pleasures of being an AIM Member business builder: meeting and making new friends.
  2. Send invitations 7 to 10 days before the meeting. Whether your invitation is sent by email, text, by mail or using an online event tool such as Evite, it’s important to give your guests plenty of notice so they can plan their own schedules and make time to attend.
  3. Call everyone a day or two before the meeting and offer them transportation. This serves two purposes: it reminds everyone you’ve invited that the meeting is coming up, and it gives you a chance to help someone who may have run into difficulties making it to your house.
  4. Plan your meeting in advance by designing an agenda.


  1. Welcome your guests and have everybody introduce themselves. You can make this as formal or informal as you want, but it is important to future members of your network to know who their fellow “AIM Family” partners will be.
  2. Show a video. AIM hosts several videos and playlists on our YouTube channel, aimusers. Consider showing the “Proven Products!” playlist, which makes explaining the features and benefits of the products easy for you.
  3. Tell your guests why you enjoy the products. It isn’t necessary to make a long, formal presentation, but offering some examples of how the AIM products have changed your life makes the information more immediate, and personal, for your guests.
  4. Hand out AIM literature. Depending on the focus of your meeting, the Living Well catalog, product datasheets, Member Income Plan guide or other literature are great handouts to share with your guests. This is also information they can take with them to read later.
  5. Invite your guests to share their experiences using the products. This is another way for you to help your guests learn more about the AIM products and business opportunity, and it also helps your guests interact and get to know each other better.
  6. Sample the AIM products. Your guests will want to try the products. With a blender and a few of your favorite smoothie recipes, you’re on your way. Mixing up a smoothie with AIM powders is a tasty way to introduce them to AIM’s nutrition that works!
  7. Offer additional information on the products or the business. As with any opportunity, some people are going to be more interested than others. For those who are interested, spend more time with them individually, explaining more about what you’ve learned about the products or the AIM business opportunity.
  8. Start and end your meeting on time. There are few things worse than being trapped by a salesperson who wants to tell you about something you aren’t interested in. To keep up the level of interest, your home meeting shouldn’t be any more than an hour and a half long. If some of your guests are really excited to get started, you can talk with them some more after you officially end the meeting, but let the other attendees go so they can think about it on their own.


  1. Stay in contact with your customers. As your new friends try the AIM products, they are bound to have questions. Don’t make them call you. Go that extra step and call them to answer any questions they might have.
  2. Ask your friends for referrals. As your new Members or customers become excited about the AIM products or opportunity, they are bound to have friends of their own they want to share the products with. Offer to help by hosting a home meeting for them. Working together, you can double your efforts toward success.
  3. Show satisfied users how to get the products wholesale. Many of your guests are going to be as impressed with the AIM products as you are. Teach them how they can order the products wholesale for themselves, and explain how they can further improve the quality of their lives through the AIM business opportunity.
  4. Schedule another meeting within 30 days. Now isn’t the time to slow down in your efforts. Since you’ve discovered that holding your own meetings can be rewarding and fun, make a new list of friends to invite over. Many AIM Members have proven that if you do you’ll be able to reach the level of success you are striving for.


The AIM Companies has been dedicated to improving the quality of people’s lives with life-changing products like BarleyLife and Mag-nificence CWR and by rewarding passionate Members with a free-enterprise compensation plan.

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