Tips for AIM Business Builders

Approaching Small Businesses

AIM business builders can sell to privately owned retail establishments. New open doors are all around you, such as gyms, health food stores, nail salons, and spas. It is important to know how to approach these small businesses.

Be prepared! It works as a scout motto, and it will work for your AIM business. More to the point, being prepared makes everything easier.

Here are some initial steps to prepare you for success:

Create a List of Retailers and Set Your Target

  • Go through your personal contacts.
  • Search the Yellow Pages or go online to find businesses around you.
  • List independent retailers, not chain stores or mass retailers (like the big box stores).

Develop a Sales Pitch Plan

  • Develop a pitch that can fit into a single sentence.
  • Begin with a story that makes the prospective client want to hear more.
  • Get a feel for your audience.
  • Know their needs and focus on specific AIM products that serve their needs (e.g., Sports Pack for a gym, Mag-nificence for a spa, natural health products for a health food store, etc).

Show Them the Money

  • Retailers need to make a profit.
  • Let them know all of the profitable options:
    • Most suggested retail prices are approximately
      30% higher than the AIM wholesale price
    • Volume discounts (5 – 10%)
    • AMR discounts (5 – 10%)
    • 6-pack savings
    • AIM Member Income Plan

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