Renewed Life from Renewed Balance

Renewed Balance

I am eighty-one years old, and I have had headaches ever since I was a child. Nothing I could find would stop them. I would get headaches about every four days. Sometimes I would get nauseated due to the pain being so bad. It was frustrating for it interfered with my daily activities. One day I talked to my water aerobics teacher (Debra Pugh, AIM Director) about my problem, and she told me about AIM Renewed Balance®. I decided to try it, and I have not had a single headache since I started using this cream.

As well, a doctor said I had two spots of cancer on my face. He froze them, but they did not look any better. I started putting Renewed Balance on them, and they are not scaly anymore and getting less noticeable. I have several age spots on my face, so I apply Renewed Balance on them daily. They are getting lighter, too. I have been using Renewed Balance for only three months, and I am very pleased.

I can now lead an active lifestyle without the interruptions of headaches. I go country-and-western dancing three times a week, line dancing twice a week, do water aerobics once a week, play water volleyball once a week, go to church every Sunday, play 42 (dominoes) once a week, and play Gin Rummy almost every day.

Author: The AIM Companies

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1 thought on “Renewed Life from Renewed Balance”

  1. This cream totally elimates night sweats, moodiness, anxiety, bloating, dry skin and hair, and protects against breast and uterine cancer!! It is a bottle of power every woman needs daily!!!!


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