Director Promotion: M & M Healthy Sales-Marlene and John Miller

Director Promotion.png

This achievement took perseverance. Our goal was to reach Royal Emerald Director. Marlene liked the color and name. When we became Members, the sign-up fee was $25.00, but it was the best investment we ever made. Marlene had been in a vitamin MLM company. She wanted to feel better and have more energy. After having ten children, she was sick, tired and seeing a doctor about three times a month. As an Amish farmer’s wife, she constantly baked pies, cookies, cakes and big farm meals and ate herself into heaviness and tiredness.

After a terrible episode of indigestion, she talked to Chairman’s Club Director Charlotte Thompson about the Healthy Cell Concept. Immediately, she knew she needed BarleyLife, Herbal Fiberblend and PrepZymes. Her enzymes were depleted due to over-cooking, eating meat and baked goods. In a matter of weeks, her colitis improved, she had more energy and lost 20 pounds.

Charlotte invited them to attend a BarleyLife Conference. There were 50 people there, but those who stood out were Chairman’s Club Director Dr. John Shewfelt and our upline Chairman’s Club Directors Jim and Carolyn Kling. When Jim and Carolyn walked into the room with such dignity, I remarked to Johnny, “I bet they’ll never sit beside us Amish people,” but they did. Jim told his story of how he learned about BarleyLife from the Japanese. The Klings were enthusiastic about the product and business. We didn’t think we could do that because we lacked conveniences. Jim put his hand on Marlene’s shoulder and said, “Sister, if a dummy like me can do this business, you can too!”

After walking to the phone an eighth mile in rain, sleet and snow, setting up booths in small towns and many in-home meetings, we got our first check which she still has a copy of. In three months, we advanced to Directors. That was a WOW moment.

We are thrilled to become Blue Diamond Directors. Thanks, Dennis and Kay, Ron and Opal, AIM staff and especially our upline and downline who helped us reach our goal. Only God knows what the future holds and may He keep blessing The AIM Companies.

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