Probiotics Linked to Weight Loss Yet Again!


If you’re currently engaged in a “battle against the bulge,” then it might be high-time you started taking probiotics, at least if a study published in the International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition has anything to say about it.

Probiotics, as you may well know, are cultured, live beneficial bacteria that help the body digest and move food through the gut, and they are often recommended for conditions like irritable bowel syndrome and other digestive ailments. In the past, probiotics have been linked to weight management, but there haven’t been consistent results throughout all the studies. A new comprehensive study now sheds more light on the subject.

Scientists in China combined the results of 25 randomized human-tested probiotic trials to see if probiotic use impacted the body weight and BMIs of over 1,900 subjects in good health. The researchers found that those who took probiotics had lower BMIs and weighed less, especially those who were overweight at the beginning of the trial. It also seemed that there were additional weight-loss benefits to taking more than one type of probiotic at a time and also using probiotics for longer than 8 weeks.

From Science Daily 

What is significant about this study is, that based on findings from the 25 included trials, the researchers found that consumption of probiotics did lead to a modest decrease in body weight and BMI.

Lead author Qingqing Zhang

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