Sleep Well and Lose Weight with ProPeas!


It’s been pretty well documented that a lack of sleep can make it harder for a person to lose weight.  Those who don’t acquire adequate shut-eye have a greater propensity to make poor eating decisions, like ravenously devouring dozens of frosted donuts.  Also, research shows that night owls are more likely to indulge in carb-centric midnight snacking.

Poor quality sleep can negatively affect the hormones that curb or increase hunger, too.  Ghrelin and cortisol productions rise, making sleepy people hungrier and more likely to store fat. Leptin–the hormone that curbs cravings–decreases, and overall, you’re left famished, sleepier and possibly heavier

Good news has arrived in the form of a study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.  Purdue researchers decided to look at the effects of weight loss on sleep, and they found that overweight subjects on high-protein diets achieved better sleep after four weeks of weight loss.

From Science Daily:

“This research adds sleep quality to the growing list of positive outcomes of higher-protein intake while losing weight, and those other outcomes include promoting body fat loss, retention of lean body mass and improvements in blood pressure,” Campbell said. “Sleep is recognized as a very important modifier of a person’s health, and our research is the first to address the question of how a sustained dietary pattern influences sleep. We’ve showed an improvement in subjective sleep quality after higher dietary protein intake during weight loss, which is intriguing and also emphasizes the need for more research with objective measurements of sleep to confirm our results.”

If you’re looking to lose some weight or to attain better quality sleep or both, then look no further than AIM’s ProPeas.  ProPeas provides 12 grams of vegan protein per serving. ProPeas is a tasty, low-calorie pea-based protein with a sweet vanilla taste and only sixty calories in every serving.



Published by The AIM Companies

The AIM Companies pioneered the use of plants—barley, carrots, and beets—as vehicles to deliver the body concentrated nutrition conveniently. Founded in 1982 in Nampa, Idaho, The AIM Companies has operations in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, providing AIM products to more than 30 countries around the world.

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