Just Carrots: Strength in Simplicity

Strength in Simplicity

We live in an age where everything we buy is also something else. Our phones are cameras. Our watches are computers. You can play games on portable stereo systems, and there are now computers that can be used like books. Two-in-one items might serve double purposes, but neither purpose seems to work half as well.

Luckily in a world of unnecessary complications, there is still Just Carrots.  Just Carrots is as no-nonsense as its name implies. It says what it is, and it is what it says. When you open up the canister, there are no surprises, no bells, no whistles, just carrots. You might think its old-fashioned, but we believe there is certain strength in simplicity that’s often overlooked these days. Lately, the news about carrots and the carotenoids they contain— alpha- and beta-carotene—have shown how strong that simplicity can be. First off, a new long-term study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that high concentrations of carotenoids in the blood, specifically alpha- and betacarotene and lycopene, were linked to an 18-28% reduction in breast cancer risk. Starting in 1989, researchers took the blood samples of over 30,000 women and had them fill out questionnaires to assess their baseline risks for breast cancer. In 2000, more than 18,000 of those women donated blood a second time. And by 2010, 2,188 women had developed breast cancer. Researchers compared the blood of the afflicted women with blood of women who shared similar baseline risks and found that the women who had the highest amounts of carotenoids in their blood also had an 18-28% lower risk of breast cancer when compared to those with the lowest amount of blood carotenoids. Additionally, this study suggested that high levels of blood carotenoids also reduced tumor severity and recurrence.

Also making the news was a 2014 Dutch study published in Nutrition, Metabolism and Cardiovascular Diseases. In the paper, researchers found that high levels of alpha-carotene were associated with a 15% decrease in diabetes risk and that beta-carotene levels were linked to a 22% reduction. Scientists believe that the diminution of this risk comes from the antioxidant effects of the carotenes via a reduction in oxidative stress commonly associated with diabetes. The study followed nearly 40,000 Europeans for ten years. Additionally, only food sources of alpha- and beta-carotene were analyzed.

Just Carrots contains no hoopla, just all the food-sourced alpha- and beta-carotene one needs to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle.

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