15 Fantastic Fiber Facts

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1. The average person only gets 15 g of fiber a day.

2. The recommended amount of fiber is 20-35 g per day.

3. Fiber comes exclusively from plants.

4. There are two types of fiber. Soluble and insoluble fiber.  Although both are necessary, soluble breaks down in water and insoluble does not.

5. Insoluble fiber can absorb water and keep you fuller, longer.

6. Insoluble fiber can help make waste easier to pass.

7. Studies have shown that fiber may prevent diverticulitis.

8. Some soluble fibers work as prebiotics.

9. Symptoms of low fiber intake include weight gain, constipation, blood sugar fluctuations and fatigue.

10. Research has shown that people with high-fiber diets increase their survival rates by 22%.

11. Fiber helps lower cholesterol levels. 

12. Fiber may help your body remove the carcinogens in cooked meat!

13. Eating more fiber may reduce your risk of a first-time stroke by 7%.

14. A high-fiber diet may reduce breast cancer risk, according to a study. 

15. Consuming a high-fiber diet may improve mineral absorption.

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