Interview with UFC Fighter and Nitro Welterweight Champ Anton Zafir

Anton Zafir became the Nitro MMA Welterweight champion in 2014 after defeating Corey Nelson by unanimous decision.  A year later, Zafir who had been sidelined due to injuries successfully defended his title for the first time by defeating Ryan Heketa in under five minutes. We recently spoke to Zafir about his recent win, his fightingContinue reading “Interview with UFC Fighter and Nitro Welterweight Champ Anton Zafir”

Anton “The Professor” Zafir

Intelligent Choices Inside and Outside of the Ring Anton Zafir’s first professional bout was in June 2012. In just two short years, Anton “The Professor” Zafir—he has a graduate diploma in exercise and a bachelor’s degree in the Science of Sports—rose to the top of the Australian Mixed Martial Arts scene, winning the the Nitro Welterweight title beltContinue reading “Anton “The Professor” Zafir”