AIM Academy Graduate at 91

AIM Graduate

As long as you are still breathing, it is never too late to do something different or accept a new challenge, such as going back to school. Just ask Elizabeth Roy, who graduated from the AIM Academy in May 2014 at the age of ninety-one. “In April I started studying at the AIM Academy every day,” explained Elizabeth, “just like going to school. One night I was studying and then looked at the clock. I said to myself, ‘This girl should go to bed.’ It was after eleven.”

Always eager to learn, Elizabeth also participates in webinars, such as the one on Skin Care presented by AIM Director Tami Cole. Using a paste made from AIM BarleyLife® Xtra, Elizabeth gave herself a facial. “It makes my skin so smooth!”

As both an AIM Director and Living Well Coach, Elizabeth remains humble and humorous. “I’ll really have to hurry to become a really good Living Well Coach. I don’t have all that much time left in my days on earth,” joked Elizabeth. “Time is of the essence, so as the saying goes … ‘get cracking kid!’” That’s exactly what she intends to do.

With obesity bearing the weight of many modern health problems, Elizabeth has no qualms talking to people about weight issues. “I took off almost thirty pounds two years ago after a blood analyst advised me to go gluten- and dairy-free. Along with the help of my AIM smoothies, the weight came off and stayed off,” remarked Elizabeth, adding that being so much lighter, she is sometimes “lifted off the ground by a strong breeze.”

Losing weight increased her energy levels as well. “I am up at the crack of dawn and spend hours at the piano and my knitting and sewing machines, as well as looking after my washing and ironing.” Elizabeth tells friends and acquaintances about AIM products whenever the opportunity strikes up in conversations.

On Thursdays and Saturdays, Elizabeth works at a farmer’s market in a mall, where she promotes AIM nutrition, making sure her AIM smoothie is visible to passersby. “I feel sorry for people who don’t know about products like the AIM Garden Trio® and AIM Herbal Fiberblend®,” exclaimed Elizabeth. “Years ago, I used to be stiff with arthritis. Recently I walked into a jewelry store where I was asked ‘How can you walk without a cane at your age?’ I said, ‘Would you like to see me raise my leg and put my foot on your counter?’ And I did.”

Congratulations to Elizabeth Roy for graduating from the AIM Academy and for her many impressive achievements!

Testimonials should not be construed as representing results that everybody can achieve.

The AIM Academy: Higher Education for Anyone


“I was trained many years ago as a home economics teacher and home economist and did get a good foundation. However, the holistic side of nutrition is so different from the mainstream. In the years since, I have studied holistic nutrition through books, DVDs, classes, and seminars for my own health and my family’s. This was how I stumbled upon the AIM products through a friend in the early 1990’s and have taken them myself since that time.

In recent years, I have more time to share them with others and hope to increase their use of these wonderful products. I had been aware of the AIM Academy for many months, but felt I already knew enough so somewhat ignored it. However, one of my goals for the New Year became to take these courses to become a Living Well coach. I found the AIM Academy to be very informative on nutrition and how the synergy of nutrients in plants is superior to the chemical combinations in some supplements. The marketing side is also very informative as that is my weak link in all of this. So I hope what I learned in this area will help me to use my nutritional knowledge in a practical way. That’s where it really counts as far as helping others!”

—Dorothy Savage
AIM Associate Director,
Chesapeake, Virginia

No matter who you are, no matter what you know or what you think you know, you can always learn more. That’s why The AIM Companies™ encourages all of its Members to attend the AIM Academy of Nutrition & Success. They say that education is its own reward, but The AIM Companies rewards its graduates in much more tangible ways:

Preferred status for Member referrals in their area

  • Living Well Coach certification (and actual certificate)
  • Access to the Living Well Coaches Forum
  • Entry into weekly drawings
  • Special Recognition at AIM events
  • Letter of Congratulations
  • A $5.00 coupon off any AIM product
  • A commemorative pin

The AIM Academy is absolutely free for Members. There is nothing to lose by attending and only everything to gain. The AIM Academy works around your schedule. Complete your coursework at your own pace until you graduate. The AIM Academy is routinely updated with new content, so graduates are always welcome to come back to learn about our newer products and to refresh their current knowledge base. So attend the AIM Academy and learn all you can about proper nutrition, wellness and wealth.

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The AIM Academy

AIM Academy

By Colleen Oakley 

AIM Preferred Member 

Hertfordshire, England

I am very new to AIM, although I have dipped in and out for years. In addition, my upline is in South Africa, and I am in the UK. When AIM Chairman’s Club Director Jenny Brown, my sponsor, suggested doing The AIM Academy course, I decided to go for it.

I have been a nurse for many years, studied a lot about nutrition and have belonged to many network organizations. I didn’t think there was much this course could teach me. How wrong I was!

I love that the AIM Academy focuses on nutrition first and income second. As I worked my way through the modules, I was reminded anew of how great our Creator is and what a miracle our bodies are. I learned so much about renewal from the cellular level and beyond. Doing the course has also given me a hunger to learn more. My objective is to read one datasheet a day until I have absorbed them all.

So, onto the income and business building, it’s not as interesting to me. Though I do want to make a living out of this, so I’d better learn it well!

I found if I worked through each module and made my own notes to help keep them straight in my mind, it made sense.

All in all, an excellent course. It can only help to improve your health or build a business or both.

AIM Academy of Nutrition and Success: Set Your Own Pace


The AIM Academy is open twenty-four hours a day. That means that AIM knowledge is always available to those who seek it. The curriculum is at your fingertips whenever you are ready to study. And you set the pace that will eventually take you to graduation day. No matter your schedule or daily demands of life, you can start, stop and then restart again whenever time allows.

Several AIM Academy graduates have successfully completed their studies in this manner, discovering how it acts like a refresher course, a positive approach for keeping your skills sharpened. The following testimonial is Ingrid Stoetzel’s view on this around-the-clock option at the AIM Academy.