AIM Academy Graduate at 91

AIM Graduate

As long as you are still breathing, it is never too late to do something different or accept a new challenge, such as going back to school. Just ask Elizabeth Roy, who graduated from the AIM Academy in May 2014 at the age of ninety-one. “In April I started studying at the AIM Academy every day,” explained Elizabeth, “just like going to school. One night I was studying and then looked at the clock. I said to myself, ‘This girl should go to bed.’ It was after eleven.”

Always eager to learn, Elizabeth also participates in webinars, such as the one on Skin Care presented by AIM Director Tami Cole. Using a paste made from AIM BarleyLife® Xtra, Elizabeth gave herself a facial. “It makes my skin so smooth!”

As both an AIM Director and Living Well Coach, Elizabeth remains humble and humorous. “I’ll really have to hurry to become a really good Living Well Coach. I don’t have all that much time left in my days on earth,” joked Elizabeth. “Time is of the essence, so as the saying goes … ‘get cracking kid!’” That’s exactly what she intends to do.

With obesity bearing the weight of many modern health problems, Elizabeth has no qualms talking to people about weight issues. “I took off almost thirty pounds two years ago after a blood analyst advised me to go gluten- and dairy-free. Along with the help of my AIM smoothies, the weight came off and stayed off,” remarked Elizabeth, adding that being so much lighter, she is sometimes “lifted off the ground by a strong breeze.”

Losing weight increased her energy levels as well. “I am up at the crack of dawn and spend hours at the piano and my knitting and sewing machines, as well as looking after my washing and ironing.” Elizabeth tells friends and acquaintances about AIM products whenever the opportunity strikes up in conversations.

On Thursdays and Saturdays, Elizabeth works at a farmer’s market in a mall, where she promotes AIM nutrition, making sure her AIM smoothie is visible to passersby. “I feel sorry for people who don’t know about products like the AIM Garden Trio® and AIM Herbal Fiberblend®,” exclaimed Elizabeth. “Years ago, I used to be stiff with arthritis. Recently I walked into a jewelry store where I was asked ‘How can you walk without a cane at your age?’ I said, ‘Would you like to see me raise my leg and put my foot on your counter?’ And I did.”

Congratulations to Elizabeth Roy for graduating from the AIM Academy and for her many impressive achievements!

Testimonials should not be construed as representing results that everybody can achieve.

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