The Value of Lymphatic Cleansing with Herbal Release

The name of this dietary supplement says a lot about what happens when you take the product: Herbal Release. A total of nine herbs and two herbal extracts released into your body delivers a bounty of botanicals that cleanses and detoxifies your lymphatic system.

Maximizing the benefits of this stand-alone natural health product, each hard-shell capsule disintegrates thirty minutes after consuming. Delaying the herbal release allows the eleven botanicals to further penetrate your digestive system and promote a lymphatic cleanse.
Your lymphatic system acts like a drainage structure that maintains your body’s liquid balance through a network of organs, tissues, vessels and nodes. By regulating the flow of fluid known as lymph, which leaks from blood vessels, your lymphatic system recirculates any nutrients back into your bloodstream while filtering toxins for removal, which helps your immune system. Herbal Release’s cleansing and detoxifying action from 11 botanicals works to support your lymphatic and immune systems.

Scheduling Herbal Release
Herbal Release usage is different from other AIM products. Take it for 7 days, then take a 7-day break. Use your calendar to highlight alternate weeks for using Herbal Release for a schedule of one week on, one week off.

A 2-capsule daily serving for seven days every other week would make the 60 capsules in one bottle of Herbal Release last for eight weeks for a monthly cost of $11.00 at the Member price of $22.00 and $11.75 at the Customer price of $23.50. And at the end of 8 weeks, you will have done 4 separate weeks of lymphatic cleanses and still have 4 capsules left. It all adds up to good value for cleansing your lymphatic system naturally with Herbal Release.

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