The Herbal Release Difference

The natural body function of eliminating waste through regular bowel movements is a major factor in keeping the digestive system functioning optimally. AIM provides dietary supplements such as Herbal Fiberblend and Herbal Release to support digestive health.

As a digestively supportive example, Herbal Fiberblend helps promote regular bowel movements and thorough detoxification by delivering psyllium fiber and herbs that provide an intestinal cleanse.
Having a well-functioning digestive system supports immune health as well, given that the largest compartment of the immune system is located in the intestine.1 Although all body systems have different functions that contribute to whole-body health, each is connected.2

Herbal Release contributes to this connection with its own combination of cleansing herbs that help to maintain immune health while aiding with regularity.

One of the botanicals in the Herbal Release formulation is echinacea root extract. This herb has been studied for its immuno-stimulant activity, indicating that echinacea enhances innate immunity and strengthens the immune system against pathogens.3

Echinacea root extract is an ingredient in the U.S. and the Canadian formulation contains echinacea root powder.

And they share seven additional herbs: barberry, buckthorn, cascara sagrada, chickweed, dandelion, parsley and sarsaparilla.

At the same time, each country has different regulations about herb usage, so there are ingredients in the U.S. Herbal Release that are not found in the Canadian formulation and vice versa.

As a result of the differences:
• In the USA, Herbal Release contains 9 herbs and 2 herbal extracts that cleanse the lymphatic system and help maintain immune health.
• In Canada, Herbal Release is comprised of 10 herbs that promote bowel movements and help maintain immune health.
You can read more about Herbal Release in the product datasheets of each country.

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