Food for Thought

“Why bother?” is one of those indifferent responses to healthy lifestyle choices that lean toward wholesome food and supplementing your nutritional intake. Other people are not so so-so about these subjects.

AIM Members know all too well that these choices are steps in a healthier direction. And they take it to heart for the sake of heart, body, mind and spirit.

Unfortunately, many people put off making nutritional lifestyle changes until either their health or the health of someone they care about is compromised and medical attention is required. However, the original way to prevent and treat disease was nutrition.

A Look Back and Forward

Regarded as the father of medicine, Hippocrates was a Greek physician who was born in 460 B.C. and lived until his mid-80s. One of his main messages is that all forms of illness have a natural cause, advising people to “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” Things have certainly changed in the past 2,400 years.

Presently, when studying between 10 to 14 years to become a doctor, around 25 hours or less is spent learning about nutrition, so most doctors are able to give their patients only basic information on the subject.

At the same time, there are more and more medical professionals who promote the idea of food being medicine and can be found on websites such as Nutrition Facts, Ornish Lifestyle Medicine, Forks Over Knives and Doctors For Nutrition.

Most of the focus is about the benefits of switching to a primarily plant-based diet, which delivers the healthiest source of nutrition. This lifestyle change is a foundation for regaining and maintaining good health and preventing disease.

AIM Members also know that adding even more nutrition that works by including AIM’s whole-food powders and other natural health products in your dietary intake gives your body a superb surplus of beneficial nutrients and phytonutrients. And that’s nothing to be indifferent about.

Published by The AIM Companies

The AIM Companies pioneered the use of plants—barley, carrots, and beets—as vehicles to deliver the body concentrated nutrition conveniently. Founded in 1982 in Nampa, Idaho, The AIM Companies has operations in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, providing AIM products to more than 30 countries around the world.

One thought on “Food for Thought

  1. I love the Garden Trio and CalciAim which I take everyday. I also take four heaping teaspoons of barley life consistently each day. I can’t live without it. Along with a healthy diet and AIM’s supplements, I am in superb health.


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