Personal Connections Are the Glue That Holds a Business Together


Shared by Sandy and Wayne Combs, AIM Chairman’s Club Directors

Many in my AIM organization who became Members in 1985 have aged out— graduated to heaven. I decided that I need to start building with new, younger Members.

Relationships have to be built. With me, personal calls, personal contacts are what make that happen. The AIM website has so much good information on products and business. Getting information to a prospect isn’t difficult like it was in the 1980s.

Personal connection is the glue. Even a call just to say “hi” and ask about the family dog is important, and calling regularly to ask them if they need to order is time that’s worth its weight in gold. Last month, I mailed postcards and sent emails without getting much response in downline orders.

However, on the day of the month-end cutoff, after 8:00 p.m., I called four of my downline and asked if they needed to place an order. Each phone call lasted twenty to thirty minutes. They often ask questions, especially about products like Para 90. All four ordered online that night. A couple of them gave me their credit card information, so that I could place their orders for them. These were prime candidates for the Automatic Monthly Reorder (AMR) program because they had run out of products and kept forgetting to order.

Now, I have created a system. I make sure to text them often to remind them to take their products. Building personal connections is the glue and the “growth food” for an AIM business. From now on when I send out a mailing, I make a phone call asking them to watch the mail for what I’ve sent. And I will let them know that I will call them back to see if they have any questions after reading it.

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