Vitamin D Linked to Fewer Asthma Attacks


Vitamin D–which is free and sprinkled down upon us by our solar system’s sun–is also, somehow, one of the nutrients that the most people are most unlikely to get. So, of course, researchers are constantly researching the positive effects of getting adequate amounts of the stuff.

A review of studies published all over the world has provided good evidence that vitamin D may be able to reduce the risk of asthma attacks requiring hospitalization  as well as attacks where steroid medication was needed.  People who suffered from asthma were fifty percent less likely to be hospitalized if they supplemented with  25 to 50 micrograms of vitamin D daily. (Their risk dropped from 6% to 3%). However, Vitamin D did not seem to provide benefits for asthmatics in the way of day-to-day lung function.

Researchers believe that these benefits may be due to vitamin D’s ability to both bolster the immune system and reduce inflammation.  Public Health England recommends that  folks should try and get more vitamin D during winter and autumn months.

From Fox News

Adrian Martineau, a professor of respiratory infection and immunity at Queen Mary University of London who led the work, said the results were exciting, though also advised caution.

“The findings relating to severe asthma attacks come from just three trials in which the patients were mostly adults with mild or moderate asthma,” he said. More trials are needed in children and in adults with severe asthma, he said, to find out if vitamin D could also benefit these patients.


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