Some Thoughts on Business Sensibility


Shared by Melanie Anne Zeluf AIM Royal Emerald Director in Camrose, Alberta

First of all, my experience with AIM has been somewhat atypical in that I have been a committed user of the AIM products since 1986 but did not decide to actively pursue the business opportunity until twenty-three years later. My parents and sponsors, Cyril and Jean Smith, almost single-handedly facilitated my promotion to Director in the early years for which I am very grateful.

On the Business Side
One of the key strategic elements is to avoid the pitfall of building your AIM organization linearly to the exclusion of depth. Avoid placing Members predominantly in your first-generation downline. Rather, strategically place them beneath existing downlines, up to and including your 5th generation.

In this way, duplication of yourself — mentoring, teaching, and supporting your downline so that they can do the same to theirs—is key to sustained success. You can only spread yourself so thin.

When you build two-dimensionally, everyone benefits and is positively motivated. The significance of giving equal consideration to generational placement and relational context is critical.

On the Personal Side
It is essential to make a concerted effort to connect with people on a personal level. Respect confidentiality, but make a mental or written note that will enhance your memory about a person’s needs so that you can better serve them at present and in the future. Intent listening skills are integral here.

I like to stress that AIM is an equal-opportunity business. The only prerequisites to success in sharing the AIM products and business opportunity are genuine care and concern for your fellow man, integrity of character in all dealings, willingness to learn about and understand the AIM products and our bodies, and admission to not knowing something but being committed to finding an answer.

I share this by way of encouragement. AIM’s opportunities to success are ever-present and remain undiminished over time. By its very organizational structure and mission statement, AIM exemplifies and is a portal to so many blessings, the tremendous legacy of which is incalculable.

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