Need a Good Reason to Eat More Fiber? Here’s One


A high-fiber diet has many benefits. It has been shown to improve heart health, assist in weight management, play a role in metabolic health and, of course, it’s great for keeping the digestive system running smoothly. However, new research indicates that fiber may even have the power to determine the future of our species.

A study published in Nature has found that a diet low in fiber may irreversibly damage the gut flora and that the negative changes can be passed on to future generations. Scientists fed mice diets that were deprived of fiber. Various species of gut bacteria began to die off, and they did not come back when the mice were later given a high-fiber diet. After four mouse generations, the majority of bacteria that their great grandchildren were supposed to have had gone extinct.

This is alarming news because the Industrialized, cheese-and-meat-heavy diet often lacks fiber. So it’s entirely possible that the human species may have altered their gut flora due to the low-fiber diets of the modern world. That being said, scientists were able to restore gut health to the fourth-generation mice through transplantation. (Another good reason to take probiotics like FloraFood).

Eating fiber isn’t just healthy, it’s noble. You’re preserving healthy gut bacteria for future generations.  So get a hold of AIM’s new and improved fit ‘n fiber orchard peach or trusty Herbal Fiberblend. Both provide the fiber needed for a healthier future.

And if it’s probiotics that you’re wanting, try AIM’s FloraFood!

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