Vitamin K: Quick Facts Sheet

Health Benefits of Vitamin K

Vitamin K comes from leafy green vegetables and has been shown to decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease, improve bone health, stop oxidative cell death, slow the rate of age-related cognitive decline, boost memory and play a significant role in blood clotting.

BarleyLife, Cocoa LeafGreens, LeafGreens and BarleyLife Xtra are all significant sources of Vitamin K.

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5 thoughts on “Vitamin K: Quick Facts Sheet

  1. Thank God ” & Aim ” for Barley Life Extra ” I have been blessed to be able to do so many things I could never do before. diagnosed with Fibromyalgia had to leave my job because of the disability & severe pain” Thank you Aim” Barley life has changed my life and now able to work outside in the yard:) have more energy and ” having a life again “:) i encourage everyone to get on board with BARLEY LIFE ” and start living again ” thank you THANK YOU “:) ROSIE REICHERT SAN ANTONIO, TX. Living Well Coach ” Blessings & GOOD HEALTH ” OBTAIN THE RESULTS ! RESULTS !! YOU HAVE BEEN SEEKING 🙂 🙂 WITH (AIM) BARLEY LIFE EXTRA”:)

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  2. I have belonged to Barley Life since 1986, 87, 88.
    and I still do. But I am now 80 years old and I have run into difficulties. I fell on my stomach about 4 years ago. I saw lots of stars, and my glasses fell ahead of me by about a foot. I received a Hernia at my navel. The Dr. sent me for tests and found out that I have a heart issue. I need a (pigs heart valve).
    I am a non-drinker, and a non-smoker. I have a bit of pneumonia on my lungs to get rid of. Your Barley Life would be a good one to take. Could you recommend any other products you have for pneumonia.
    I did not know that I have it. Mary Toews.

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  3. Since the drink powder PEAK ENDURANCE has ATP in it , which is very important to the body I would suggest using this at least daily. Because its effect is to increase circulation without increasing your B/P
    or pulse rate , this just might assist your body in removing what ever ‘pneumonia’ is affecting your lungs.
    I drink it daily 99% of the time [sometimes life gets in the way] and I mix my CalciAIM powder into it to
    help my bones absorb all the calcium they can.! Plus, I change how I talk about using Barley Life; I consider it FOOD, so I say I eat it. Medicine we ‘take’, Barley Life, plus other Aim products are ‘food”.
    So, I ‘eat’ them…….or drink them. Just couldn’t resist adding that. Sincerely, S.E.Cartledge

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