The Climb

Life took on a new perspective for AIM Director Char Pelfrey back in 2016, when she was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer. Like having a rug tugged viciously from beneath her feet and sending her crashing to the ground, Char found herself in a long, uphill climb to reclaim her health.

Faced with such a serious condition, Char followed medical protocols through to completion, including multiple surgeries. Recuperation took time. She remembers feeling so weak that she could barely get out of a chair. “My stamina was gone,” Char related, “and even as I recovered from the operations, I still had no energy.”

By adopting a primarily plant-based diet, she made an important lifestyle change that many health professionals recommend for improving and maintaining health. “I’m still amazed at what pure nutrition can do for a person’s mind and body,” Char exclaimed. What followed was a connection to even more nutrition that works.

Crossing paths with AIM Star Sapphire Director Cindy Ponchot-Watson was the catalyst to Char’s new lifestyle choice of wholesome, plant-based nutrient and phytonutrient intake. “I started taking a variety of AIM products, including the Garden Trio and CoCoa LeafGreens,” Char stated.

“It’s as though my whole body has been revolutionized. It’s so incredible to me that my strength has returned, allowing me to do things that would have been too strenuous just a few years ago.”
Her words are no exaggeration. In the summers of 2020 and 2021, Char and her husband, Jerry, traveled from their home in Mason, Ohio, to hike over 200 miles in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest and Utah through a challenging landscape of stunning scenery.

“There we were, hiking ‘mountain’ miles daily instead of walking ‘mall’ miles,” Char stated. “I would get up the next morning and feel as good as I did the day before. This is something that people need to be encouraged about: you can reclaim your health, which is the name of My AIM Store.”

Given their mountainous “peak” experiences, Char and Jerry help increase their energy levels with Peak Endurance. “Jerry mixes it with RediBeets for these hikes,” Char explained, “and because his job as a pastor often requires substantial reading as he studies, he takes Peak Endurance to stay refreshed throughout the day.”

Char takes Peak Endurance for that extra burst of energy when a physically demanding day is ahead: biking, hiking, playing with grandchildren, etc. “Most of my everyday energy I attribute to Garden Trio, CoCoa LeafGreens and the other AIM supplements I take,” she explained. “I’ve been rebuilding myself from the inside out for quite a few years now and that’s where my strength comes from.”

At the age of 62, Char is an inspirational example of vibrant health that fittingly places her in the AIM Member Spotlight. “People often say to me, ‘Wow, you’re energetic and strong, what’s your secret?’ I simply say exercise is important and nutrition is critical for good health.”

At the same time, Char meets people who question the need to supplement their nutritional intake. She reminds them that, “The typical Western diet does not support good health. Today’s food supply is usually grown in nutrient-depleted soils and processed foods provide little if any value. AIM supplements help to balance a nutritional deficiency.”

More often than not, when Char gets people to take an honest look at their diets, they come to the realization that a lot of what they eat is actually detrimental to their health.

The perspective that Char has on life as a result of her own health crisis is one of immense gratitude. “At one point, I didn’t know if I had years, a year or even less” Char admitted. “This definitely changed me. I’m so thankful for every new day that I’m blessed to have with Jerry, our children and grandchildren.”

“I mean, here I am, another year with the love of my life! We were back on the road together this summer, hiking another 100 miles and feeling fantastic. That’s pretty amazing,” Char exclaimed. “We get one shot at the life God has given us. Why would we do anything less than respect that gift by providing our bodies with the nutrition and exercise that we know sustain us?”

Editor’s Note: All four of the Pelfrey’s daughters and their families take AIM products. Two of them live in East Africa and rely on AIM for the nutrition they otherwise could not get locally.

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