Introducing GarlicAIM

It’s always a super exciting time when AIM creates a new natural health product for Members. And that time has come with the introduction of GarlicAIM, which will replace Bear Paw Garlic.
GarlicAIM provides a unique com­bination of garlic bulb extract, fermented black garlic bulb and alpine wild garlic leaf. There is nothing else like GarlicAIM in the world of supplements.

Garlic Past
Humankind has enjoyed the health benefits of garlic for thousands of years. In ancient times, this herb was revered for its medicinal properties in countries such as China, India, Egypt and Greece.
Hippocrates prescribed garlic as a remedy for various health issues. This would have been good advice coming from the man who came to be known as the father of medicine. In fact, during Hippocrates’ time, garlic was considered to be an irreplaceable nutritional supplement.1

GarlicAIM Present
The launch of GarlicAIM adds an irreplaceable nutritional supplement to the AIM lineup. The high concentrations of allicin, gamma-glutamyl peptides and adenosine from its three garlic ingredients greatly contribute to the maintenance of cardiovascular health.

Alpine Wild Garlic:
Allium ursinum
Of course, Members will be quite familiar with one of the three ingredients—the alpine wild garlic leaf that made Bear Paw Garlic such an effective dietary supplement. GarlicAIM delivers 492 mg of this wild ingredient in the recommended serving: three capsules a day.

Fermented Black Garlic:
Allium sativum
The benefits of food fermentation are no­ta­­bly focused on bene­ficial probiotics: good gut bacteria that sup­port overall health. It just so happens that when garlic bulb is fermented, it not only produces a source of probiotics, the antioxidant levels increase.

Garlic Bulb Extract:
Allium sativum
When you chew on garlic or when the cloves are chopped or crushed, the interaction between the amino acid alliin and the enzyme alliinase produces allicin, one of the most beneficial compounds in garlic. The garlic bulb extract in GarlicAIM is standardized to 1% allicin.

Garlic’s pun­gent scent comes from allicin. Known particularly for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activities, allicin is easily metabolized by the body, breaking down into fat-soluble, organosulfur compounds. GarlicAIM provides 5.1 mg of this beneficial compound per serving.

GarlicAIM delivers 3 sources of garlic that help:
• Maintain cardiovascular health
• Maintain immune health
• Provide antioxidant properties

Published by The AIM Companies

The AIM Companies pioneered the use of plants—barley, carrots, and beets—as vehicles to deliver the body concentrated nutrition conveniently. Founded in 1982 in Nampa, Idaho, The AIM Companies has operations in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, providing AIM products to more than 30 countries around the world.

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