Reinforce Your Bond with Good Bacteria

It’s funny that in the 1970s dietary fiber was defined as “the skeletal remains of plant cells that are resistant to digestion … .” 1

Fortunately, we have since learned that the indigestible part of plants is an essential nutrient that has a positive impact on the entire body, not just the digestive system.

The benefits of fiber and how it is integral to your health continue to be researched and documented, especially in regard to functions of the microbiota: the community of microorganisms that lives in and on the human body. The most recent research focuses on how the inhabitants of the gut affect our overall health.2

You have to take care of your good bacteria. Prebiotic fiber feeds those good guys in your microbiota. That’s where Fit ’n Fiber shows itself to be no ordinary fiber supplement because it also provides food for the gut bacteria that keep you healthy.

The newly labeled Fit’ n Fiber still contains 8 grams of prebiotic fiber from acacia, konjac and guar gum. That means when you take this supplement to increase your fiber intake, you not only feed yourself an essential nutrient, you nourish the bacteria that live to keep you alive. It’s a relationship that you want to nurture for a healthy lifetime, so make Fit ’n Fiber a supplemental essential of that bond.

PS: When you combine the prebiotics in Fit ’n Fiber with the probiotics in FloraFood, you create a healthy combination known as synbiotics.3



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