Vegetables Linked to Weight Loss Yet Again


In the last year alone, several studies have linked vegetables to weight loss and weight management. Dietary nitrate–found in beets (Red Rush/RediBeets)–may help with thermogenic weight loss.  A study in the British Medical Journal discovered that the people who consumed more vegetable flavonoids (BarleyLife Xtra) gained less weight throughout the year and that the thylakoids in leafy green vegetables (LeafGreens) helped to suppress appetite.  As you can see, vegetables are no slouch when it comes to shrinking and stabilizing your waistline.

So you might not find it so hard to believe that vegetables have, yet again, been associated with weight management. Researchers looked at over 2,000 twins and found that twins or sets of twins who ate more vegetables tended to have lower fat-to-mass ratios (FMR). These results were published in the  American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Researchers measured the total fat content of the twins and found that the sibling who consumed the most flavonoids, flavon-3-ols and proanthocyanidins had a 3-4% lower FMR. And that pairs of twins who ate more flavonol-rich foods (like cocoa) than other pairs of twins had a 3-9% lower FMR.  Scientists believe that the flavonols may prevent lipid absorption or that they may just increase energy levels. More research is planned.

The AIM Companies offers a wide variety of vegetable-based products rich in flavonols, antioxidants and nutrients for any healthy diet. CoCoa LeafGreens tastes like chocolate because its made with three types of cocoa, but it is also blended with six amazing superfood vegetables: Swiss chard, arugula, barley grass, spinach, broccoli sprout and kale. At only ten-calories per serving, this healthy treat is a nutritious snack for your weight-loss diet.

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