Vitamin Deficiency Is the New Normal


Some disturbing news was released in the United Kingdom that likely affects the rest of us in the West and all those worldwide who consume foods associated with the Western pattern diet. According to a survey released by England’s National Health Service, nearly seventy-five percent of the working adults aren’t getting their recommended daily allotment of vitamins and minerals. And, sadly, ninety percent of children aren’t acquiring them either. It seems, in fact, that vitamin deficiency is the new normal.

The AIM Companies provides a variety of whole-food juice concentrates and nutritional supplements to help you achieve your daily nutritional requirements. Here’s a vitamin-by-vitamin breakdown of the survey’s findings. The recommended daily intake for a vitamin or nutrient may vary from government to government, just keep that in mind.

Vitamin A

RDI: 900 micrograms daily (men)/700 micograms daily (women)

Percentage deficient: 8-11%

Related AIM Products: Just Carrots, BarleyLife Xtra, BarleyLife, Proancynol 2000

Vitamin D 

RDI: 600 IU

Percentage Deficient: 20%

Related AIM Products: CalciAIM

Riboflavin (Vitamin B2)

RDI: 1.3 mg (men)/1.1 mg (women)

Percentage Deficient: 8%

Related AIM Products: Peak Endurance

Folate (Vitamin B9)

RDI: 400 mcg (600 mcg for pregnant or lactating women–folic acid/folate prevents birth defects)

Percentage Deficient: 4%

Related AIM Products: BarleyLife, Barleylife Xtra, Red Rush, RediBeets


RDI: 8 mg (men)/18 mg (women)

Percentage Deficient: 25% of women

Related AIM Product: CoCoa LeafGreens, LeafGreens, Herbal Fiberblend, ProPeas


RDI: 1,000 mg for both genders

Percentage Deficient: 8%

Related AIM Products: CalciAIM


RDI:  11 mg (men)/8 mg  (women)

Percentage Deficient: 4%

Related AIM Products: ReAssure SP, CalciAIM


RDI: 150 mcg both genders

Percentage Deficient: 8%

Related AIM Products: BarleyLife, BarleyLife Xtra


RDI: 55 mcg both genders

Percentage Deficient: 33%

Related AIM Products: Proancynol 2000


RDI: 420 mg (men)/320 mg (women)

Percentage Deficient: 12%

Related AIM Products: CalciAIM, Mag-nificence, Cell Wellness Restorer


RDI: 4,700 mg

Percentage Deficient: 10%

Related AIM Products: Red Rush, RediBeets


RDI: .03-.05 g from EPA and DHA (fish) and .08-1.1 from ALA (plants)

Percentage Not Meeting Mark: Nearly 100%

Related AIM Products: CellSparc 360, AIMega


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