Want to Lose Weight in the New Year? Fight Inflammation!


The new year marks new challenges, new choices and new resolutions. This means many will look to lose weight and to become healthier. For that, nothing beats diet and exercise, and likely nothing ever will. However, there are a few diet and fitness hacks that can make weight loss a little bit simpler.

For example, protein (like ProPeas) and fiber (like fit ‘n fiber) have relatively low calories,  but when people eat them, they tend to feel fuller. That means, a dieter can replace a a high-cal meal with low-cal protein and fiber without having to worry about cravings later,  and fewer calories are consumed overall and eventually the dieter loses weight.

That’s a long-standing well-known weight-loss trick. A newer strategy involves the conversion of white adipose tissue (fat) into brown adipose tissue which the body consumes as fuel. Basically, most of our fat is stored as white fat, but scientists have found evidence that this white fat can be converted into the easy-to-burn brown fat.  So they have been looking for methods of changing unpopular, hard-to-lose white fat into quick-melting brown fat.

There are variety ways that white fat will brown.  Withstanding the cold, exercising and, according to one study, consuming dietary nitrate (like the kind you would find in RediBeets and Red Rush).

But now, the latest study published in Cell has found that inflammation may hamper the body’s ability to convert white fat into the easily burnable brown fat.  If this latest science pans out, it means that if one were to attempt to lose weight via the “thermogenic strategy,” that person would have to reduce inflammation to achieve best results.

Inflammation is very unhealthy. There’s no reason to not try and reduce it. It’s linked with a bevy of diseases and conditions: heart disease, depression, joint pain etc. If you’re trying to get healthy, then being rid of inflammation should be a top priority.

And one of the best ways to fight inflammation is with BarleyLife by the AIM Companies.  BarleyLife is super-concentrated, all-natural nutrition, and it is jam-packed with inflammation-fighting antioxidants. We’re proud to share that our AIM Members have been using this product for over 35 years, and we’ve heard thousands and thousands of inflammation-related success stories.  Also, at fifteen calories per serving, it can help battle inflammation without making the battle for your waistline harder.

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