Ageless Women–Make the Most of Menopause


Back in the 1960s, menopause was defined as a deficiency disease by gynecologists, and hormone therapy was the cure. Often referred to as the “change,” “one of nature’s mistakes,” or “a sign of aging,” negative attitudes about that phase of female life blossomed. Such determinations have no reasonable place in the world we live today and should be forever discarded like bell bottom pants.

In reality, this natural transition in a woman’s life is an individual experience. Some women undergo numerous symptoms either physical, psychological or both. However, others experience few or none of the stereotypical menopause symptoms. Whatever the circumstances, it can and should be embraced as a new beginning in a lifetime of experience.

At the same time, if there are some bumps in the road in the form of hot flashes, night sweats and mood swings, there is natural help for both the possible symptoms of menopause and fear of the aging process.

Herbs can be natural friends to women experiencing menopausal symptoms. AIM RevitaFem provides a potent 8-ingredient combination that helps to balance out-of-whack hormones, calm mood swings, cool hot flashes and deliver tonics for the blood, uterine and urinary tract. It is especially fascinating that some of the herbs offer beneficial estrogen-like effects (e.g., red clover, soy extract, black cohosh, dong quai), preventing estrogen from attaching to cell receptors and causing damage. Some act as gentle adaptogens that the body uses as needed to help adapt to and recover from the stress of menopause. For centuries, many of these herbs have been used individually as medicinals for women. RevitaFem’s botanicals are made more effective by bringing them together in one formula.

The lignans in flax seed also provide effective estrogen-like effects, so AIMega gives a girl even more natural help at the menopausal stage in her life. The whole truth is that omega-3 and -6 essential fatty acids (EFAs) are essential throughout a woman’s life. Even though the body cannot makethese healthy fats, EFAs are required daily for a myriad of actions, including brain function (definitely a mood booster), healthy skin and hair growth, weight loss (sometimes difficult during menopause), bone building (estrogen deficiency can cause bone loss) and hormone production (’nuff said).

AIMega’s encapsulated organic seed oils make it easy to get the essential fats a woman needs daily, perhaps even more so in the transitional years leading to blossomed maturity.

Proancynol 2000
If menopause is a sign of getting older, then a strong antioxidant defence against the damaging effects of free radicals can help prevent the signs of aging. Unfortunately, the body produces fewer antioxidants as the years go by. Along with eating a variety of fruit and vegetables, one of the best ways to increase both the number and variety of antioxidants is to take AIM Proancynol 2000.

Each capsule of Proancynol 2000 delivers seven antioxidant-rich ingredients: green tea leaf extract, rosemary leaf extract, grape seed extract, N-acetylcysteine, lycopene, alphalipoic acid and selenium. Along with anti-aging benefits, this wealth of antioxidants boosts the immune system throughout stressful changes, and a woman can use all the healthy help she can get.

Menopause is a natural process, so balance your chemistry naturally to stay healthy and youthful. While each woman is unique and symptoms may seem overwhelming, it is important to remember a solution awaits with experimentation. Along with dietary adjustments, this trio of natural supplements can help you gain control and balance your body chemistry, giving you a fresher, younger perspective for this new beginning in life.

AIM Academy of Nutrition and Success: Set Your Own Pace


The AIM Academy is open twenty-four hours a day. That means that AIM knowledge is always available to those who seek it. The curriculum is at your fingertips whenever you are ready to study. And you set the pace that will eventually take you to graduation day. No matter your schedule or daily demands of life, you can start, stop and then restart again whenever time allows.

Several AIM Academy graduates have successfully completed their studies in this manner, discovering how it acts like a refresher course, a positive approach for keeping your skills sharpened. The following testimonial is Ingrid Stoetzel’s view on this around-the-clock option at the AIM Academy.


Director Promotion: Joy and Nathan Thompson

Director Promotion Thompson

We are so thankful for reaching the goal of Star Sapphire Director in February 2015. What a blessing it is, and we want to give thanks first to our Lord, Jesus Christ, for this blessing and the blessing of being associated with such a great company like AIM that provides quality products to enhance life and health! So many companies out there are focused just on making a profit and growing as large as they can but not AIM! In such a thoughtful way, the company was established to share the profits with the Members, and they provide the tools to help us be successful! Thank you, AIM!!!

The AIM Academy is a most beneficial tool to further an AIM business. Whether you are just starting or are a part of the Million Dollar Club, I believe EVERYONE must complete the AIM Academy which educates you about the products, gives sales strategies, encouragement and has steps to improve your business. I found the Academy enjoyable and fun!

When growing an AIM business, everyone has to find what works for them and we found the Nutrition That Works! testimony book works well for us! We use it instead of a typical business card for most situations and have had many people calling and asking for more information because they read a testimony in the book that they could relate to! It’s important to stay in contact with your downline so they know you are available to assist them. We do this by sending a welcome letter with more information and sometimes we include the book Cleansing the Colon for a Happy and Healthy You by Teresa Schumacher or, if applicable, the Candida book by the same author. It is said, “A truly successful person duplicates themselves many times.” By helping your downline be successful, you become successful, too!

AIM events are encouraging to attend and so full of great information! I know we never would have been able to succeed to this point without people like Joan van Rensburg who presented so beautifully on hormones at the Ohio BarleyLife Conference, and I learned so much about Renewed Balance. Ralph Peterson has been such an encouragement. From Dr. John Shewfelt, I have gleaned so much information over the years, and Phillip Jermann endured all my difficult questions each time we met! Charlotte Thompson, our direct upline, has taught me all of the above and encouraged us all along the way!

Nathan became a Member in September 1997. After he and Joy married, she joined Nathan in the AIM Membership in March 2010. They became Directors in November 2010. They have 180 members in their downline.

Little Thompson

Cranberry Extract May Reduce Risk of UTIs After Surgery


There are several studies out there that link cranberry juice to a reduced risk of urinary tract infections. Cranberry juice’s urinary-tract-scrubbing power also has a strong word-of-mouth campaign going for it, too.  For a long time, researchers thought that that cranberries were so acidic that they killed the infection through dissolution, but this is no longer thought to be the case. Instead, many believe that the antioxidant properties in cranberries do the heavy lifting, and others believe there is a different substance at work.  Whatever the case may be, a new study has found that cranberry juice may be useful at reducing the risk of urinary tract infections after gynecological surgery.

Since women are at greater risk of urinary tract infections–nearly twenty percent of females have had or will have a urinary tract infection at some point–this may come as good news. The study published in the August 2015 American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology examined 180 women who had recently underwent gynecological surgery and had a catheter placed. (There is 10% – 64% chance of a woman having a UTI after the removal of a catheter, depending on age and other factors).  The study found that the odds of a woman contracting a UTI while taking a cranberry extract supplement was only 19%. Those in the placebo group saw a significantly higher rate of UTIs at 38%.  Although the bulk of us, hopefully, don’t have to undergo any surgeries, this study just goes to once more show us the powerful goodness of cranberries.

The AIM Companies provides 500 mg of cranberry extract in each capsule of CranVerry+.  All the benefits of cranberries without the sugar you might find in store-bought juice. CranVerry+ also provides resveratrol, mangosteen and beta-gluconase. Three more reasons why CranVerry+ is best.

Daily Essentials


Think about all the things you need to stay healthy. Then ask yourself if you are taking the AIM Daily Essentials: greens, fiber and essential fatty acids. You don’t have to gamble with your health when you get sufficient amounts in your dietary intake.

Essential Greens
The supreme nutrition that AIM is able to extract from barley grass has created the finest of greens in the form of a juice powder. Getting enough greens is a universal recommendation for good health, and AIM BarleyLife® makes this easy. In March 2013, research* conducted at Australia’s Walter and Eliza Hall Institute revealed even more important reasons for having greens in your daily food intake. Dietary greens stimulate the T-bet gene to produce a recently discovered type of innate lymphoid cells (ILCs), an immune cell population that is essential for intestinal health. Found in the lining of the digestive system, ILCs have a pivotal role in the control of obesity, food allergies and inflammatory diseases and defend the body against unhealthy bacteria in the intestine. These protective cells may even prevent bowel cancers from developing. So eat your vegetables and supplement with BarleyLife to boost your immune system with essential greens on a daily basis.

Essential Fiber
Having a high intake of fiber slows down digestion, cleanses the small and large intestines and promotes effective elimination of toxins and waste. The long list of fiber benefits also includes lowering blood sugar levels, reducing cholesterol, promoting weight loss and decreasing the risk of heart disease or stroke. So make sure you get enough fiber by supplementing AIM Herbal Fiberblend® or AIM fit ’n fiber™ daily.

Most adults do not get the recommended 21 to 38 grams of daily dietary fiber. Much of the standard North American diet comes from processed food, and that means healthy fiber is usually removed from this “refined” nutrition. AIM has an antidote: “fine” nutrition that includes essential fiber from Herbal Fiberblend and fit ’n fiber.

Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs)
Even though the words “fatty” and “acids” may seem off-putting, the key word is essential because your body requires omega-3 and -6 fatty acids as much as plants need the sun. It is essential that they come from your diet. For as productive as your body is, it cannot make these healthy fats. You get a properly balanced ratio of EFAs in AIMega® from organic seed oils.

The presence of EFAs in your body on a daily basis ensures healthy cell membranes and maintains their optimal functioning. And this is just the cellular beginning of EFA benefits. Playing a vital role in hormone production, neurological functioning, inflammatory regulation, disease prevention and so much more, EFAs are crucial for maintaining good health. In other words, you cannot live well in your body without essential fatty acids, so take AIMega daily. It’s essential!

Dixie Shaw: Mom Knows Best!

Dixie Shaw

Dixie Shaw, Royal Emerald Director from Gilmer, Texas, knows nutrition. She and her husband Eddie own and operate an online health store where they sell the AIM products alongside other equipment essential to a healthy lifestyle. She discovered AIM shortly after giving birth to one of their children. “I wanted to lose weight and get in shape,” Dixie said. A friend told her to try AIM Herbal Fiberblend. After using it for a few months, she signed up as a Member.

“I use AIM BarleyLife often, but Herbal Fiberblend is probably my favorite product. I take it almost every day. We use a lot of the other AIM products: Cell Wellness Restorer, CalciAIM, AIMega, Composure and CellSparc 360. Our new favorite product is AIM Red Rush. We rotate in a lot of the other products when we need them.”

Dixie also knows motherhood. She’s had five children and home-schooled them all. Reading, writing and arithmetic weren’t the only things that she instilled in her kids. She also taught them the value of eating right and healthy living.

“We took BarleyLife nearly every day. We ate healthy and cooked everything from scratch. We ground our own grains and almost never ate out. I taught them everything that I could about nutrition. They’d listen to me talking to clients on the phone. I showed them how to read food labels at the supermarket. If one of them brought home something like a cake mix full of artificial ingredients, I didn’t like that too well. I’d say ‘We don’t do that here.’ We tried to make everything from scratch. Then you know what goes into your food. Our youngest child just graduated chef school and became a chef.”

Today, Dixie and Eddie’s children are all grown. The oldest is thirty-three and the youngest—a fan of dry BarleyLife while growing up—is twenty-one years old, each one of them married. They all remember AIM conferences fondly. The first conference they attended as a family was in Phoenix, and the whole clan even journeyed all the way to Hawaii. The Utah conference was the final AIM-related trip the Shaws made together.

“My kids were almost never sick. Little kids are sick all the time, but ours just weren’t. We hardly have anyone sick in our family. That’s probably our greatest AIM success story. After using the products for twenty years, we are still healthy. We look about ten years younger than our actual ages. That’s something I’ve noticed about a lot of AIM Members. I think it’s the anti-aging effects of the products. I love that.”

Elderly Bedridden Patient Revitalized with Mag-nificence


As a pain physician in Taiwan, I have seen lots of patients who have suffered from wide varieties of acute and chronic pain. After years of visiting many specialists and trying all kinds of painkillers or other methods, some patients are still deeply devastated by their discomfort, and ultimately become seriously depressed because their pain has affected their physical strength, movement, mood, sleep and even their social life. But the painkillers they are given do not ease their pain to any satisfactory level, and what’s worse, many pain medications, including a few major brand-name prescription drugs, have serious side effects, some of which may even be life threatening.

I was lucky enough to attend a speech on “Nutritional Healing and Health” by Dr. Yu-Shiaw Chen in Tainan, Taiwan in early 2015. When I asked her opinions about the treatment of pain, she introduced the AIM Mag-nificence lotion to me. I knew almost instantly that it would be effective since I have read about the pain-relieving effects of magnesium. But at that time, I wondered what a lotion could do for my patients who have intractable chronic pain.

A week later, I gave it to one of my patients, an 88-year-old lady who had been bedridden with severe lower back pain because of lumbar spine degeneration and senile osteoporosis. Because of her advanced age and a heart problem, surgery was not an option for her. For several years, I had been trying hard to alleviate her suffering with many medications and some invasive procedures, but all the drugs combined and the procedures failed to work well on her and caused annoying side effects such as stomach discomfort, nausea, vomiting and constipation. I told her to give the AIM Mag-nificence™ lotion a try as a last resort.

To my great amazement, when she visited me four weeks later, she walked slowly into my office with a quad cane instead of sitting on a wheelchair like before. She could barely control her excitement when she told me about what had happened to her. She said that she had rubbed the lotion on her back every day, and at first it did not feel good because it was too sticky on the skin. But after a week, she began to feel the decrease in the intensity of her pain. So she kept on using the lotion on her back and her feet as well. Her pain virtually decreased day by day, and she began to sit for long hours and walk short distances in the house which had been impossible for years. Eventually, like a miracle, the pain that had tortured her for so many years almost disappeared after four weeks. She and her family were so happy because she was able to move around on her own and could partially take care of herself with some daily activities. They were also happy she could gradually get rid of the drugs.

I would like to thank Dr. Yu-Shiaw Chen, AIM Chairman’s Club Director, for introducing this wonderful product to me and my patients. It really changed my patient’s life. So I would like to recommend it to all of you who have pain problems.


Shared by Dr. Bing-Shuo Chen, An anesthesiologist and pain physician in Tainan, Taiwan

Testimonials should not be construed as representing results everybody can achieve.