Vitamin C from Fruits and Veggies May Prolong Life and Keep Your Heart Healthy

Acerola Cherries

Vitamin C is probably the most famous of the vitamins. It gets a lot of good press for its role in wound healing, bolstering the immune system and as a powerful antioxidant. Why is it the most popular vitamin? My guess is that when mankind entered its seafaring years, vitamin C was used to stave off scurvy. Sailors would be stuck at sea, subsisting mainly on salted meats and bread. Scurvy is pretty terrifying nutritional deficiency caused by a lack of vitamin C, so ships started carrying stores of fruits and/or vegetables. And although they didn’t know what vitamin C was until the 20th century,  many pre-historical cultures figured out that fruits and veggies were the key to ridding the scurvy scourge although they didn’t understand why the plants worked.  When they found out that it was vitamin C that was clearing up all that scurvy, the vitamin won the hearts and minds of people everywhere. This is why vitamin C is the golden boy of vitamins. Or at least, that’s my theory.

Today, people are still discovering the full value of vitamin C. This month, a study out of Denmark published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has linked vitamin C to a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease and a reduced risk of an early death.  Researchers looked at the fruit-and-veggie-eating habits and DNA of over 100,000 Danish people and determined that those folks who ate the most fruits and vegetables reduced their risk of cardiovascular disease by fifteen percent and and their risk of an early death by twenty percent. The researchers believe that these health benefits come from the fruit-and-vegetable-sourced vitamin C  concentrations they saw in the subjects’ blood.

Medical Xpress:

“We know that fruit and vegetables are healthy, but now our research is pinpointing more precisely why this is so. Eating a lot of fruit and vegetables is a natural way of increasing vitamin C blood levels, which in the long term may contribute to reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease and early death. You can get vitamin C supplements, but it is a good idea to get your vitamin C by eating a healthy diet, which will at the same time help you to develop a healthier lifestyle in the long term, for the general benefit of your health,” says Boerge Nordestgaard, a clinical professor at the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, University of Copenhagen, and a consultant at Herlev and Gentofte Hospital.

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Potassium and Magnesium Linked to Fewer Strokes


If you like nutritional meta-analyses, then have I got a treat for you. Two separate papers (one for each gender) were published this year (The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, International Journal of Stroke) that reviewed the relationship between magnesium, potassium, calcium and the likelihood of strokes.

The study on women published in the AJCN, took a look at the two Nurses’ Health Studies, the biggest and longest-running investigations into what factors influence female health. The Information in this study comes from over 200,000 nurses-participants. During the 30 years of the study, over three thousand strokes were reported. The research indicated that women with the highest intake of magnesium reduced their risk of stroke by 19% when compared to those who had the lowest levels of magnesium.  Those with the highest potassium levels saw 11% reduction in stroke risk when compared to those in the lowest potassium strata. Finally, those women who had the highest levels of potassium and magnesium reduced their risk of stroke by a whopping 28%. Calcium did not seem to affect stroke outcome either way.

The second study looked at male over 40,000 male participants in the Health Professional Follow-Up study, and the results were similar:

A diet rich in magnesium, potassium, and calcium may contribute to reduced risk of stroke among men. Because of significant collinearity, the independent contribution of each cation is difficult to define.

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Top Ten Features of Branson’s Chateau on the Lake Resort, Spa and Convention Center


The 2016 AIM Conference will be held in beautiful Branson, Missouri, the “Live Entertainment Capital of the World.”  We’ll be staying at the majestic Chateau on the Lake Resort. Just look at the picture. It’s a fabulous place.  You should come and hang out there in May 2016! Here’s why.

10. The Fitness Room/Tennis Court

Get your Cell Exercise down in the fitness room. It is open 24 hours a day.  There is also a tennis court if you feel like getting in some friendly competition.

9. The Fine Dining 

Every nice hotel, should have fine dining and the Chateau on the Lake is no exception. Choose from five different restaurants and eateries without having to leave the building!

8. The Pool and Poolside Dining 

Who doesn’t like a nice, refreshing dip in the pool? This hotel boasts an excellent cement pond for all your splishing-and-splashing needs. Furthermore, take your poolside relaxation to the next level by ordering a sandwich or a cold beverage from the comfort of your beach towel or deck chair.

7. The Kid’s Club

Although Club Fun will be back again next year, your children will have even more to do in Branson thanks to the Crawdaddies Kids’ Club and Sassafras Theater. Children ages 4-12 can join in the fun and play board and video games, watch movies and enjoy some arts and crafts.

6. The Spa

And while your children are enjoying the Crawdaddies Club, you can treat yourself to some spa time. Choose from a variety of relaxing services: massage, a hair salon, facials, manicures, pedicures, etc.

5. The View

The view of the sun as it sets above the still waters of Table Rock Lake is the stuff of legends. Also, looking out at the lake at any other time of day is pretty good, too.

4. Nature Trails
The resort has its own nature trails. So get up early next year and join in on the fitness walks. You’re in for a special treat.

3. The Atrium 

The Chateau’s atrium boasts an indoor stream and waterfall. Order a meal, listen to the soothing sounds of water trickling over rock and the birds singing in the trees. Pure bliss.

2. Beach Access 

As the Resort’s name implies, there is a lake nearby and you can walk to it.  The hotel is also within walking distance of Moonshine Beach, the largest sand beach in southwest Missouri.

1. Get Out On the Lake

You can rent a boat. You can pilot that boat out on the lake.  You can go fishing, water-skiing and probably rent a Ski-Doo if that’s your cup of tea-(doo). You can also rent paddleboats and other fun, water-related accessories.

So join us in Branson in 2016!