LeafGreens: Greener and Leafier


The new LeafGreens formula just got a whole lot healthier with the addition of three new “super” vegetables: arugula, Swiss chard and kale. We removed faba bean and field pea leaves but made sure to replace the kaempferol and quercetin that they supplied. You’ll still be getting a similar zesty taste just with more vitamins, flavanols and phytonutrients packed into every healthier, greener and leafier serving.

Swiss Chard
Swiss chard is a leafy vegetable in the same family as spinach. It contains significant amounts of vitamins C, E and K, magnesium, manganese, potassium and iron. It’s also a source of chlorophyll, dietary nitrate, alphalipoic acid, betalains, beta-carotene, lutein,and zeaxanthin.

What’s New?
Swiss chard contains thirteen different types of antioxidants, including kaempferol and syringic acid, a flavonoid that according to a study published in the Journal of Acute Disease helps to stabilize blood sugars.

Popular in its own right, kale is a leafy green or purple cruciferous vegetable related to cauliflower and Brussel sprouts. It is known for its vitamins A, C and K, copper, potassium, iron, manganese, calcium and phosphorus content. It also has lutein, zeaxanthin, quercetin and kaempferol.

What’s New?
Kale contains both kaempferol and quercetin. Kale, along with other cruciferous vegetables, is known for its supply of indoles. According to the National Cancer Institute research has shown that indoles “inhibit the development of cancer in several organs in rats and mice, including the bladder, breast, colon, liver, lung, and stomach.”

Arugula, also known as rocket lettuce, is a green cruciferous vegetable. It’s a good source for vitamins A, C and K, calcium as well as dietary nitrate, alpha-lipoic acid and chlorophyll. Like broccoli, it contains sulfuraphane and indoles.

What’s New?
As a cruciferous vegetable, arugula shares a lot of redundant properties with broccoli and kale. However, arugula has been noted for its thiocyanate content which was shown to suppress inflammatory mediators in a study published in the aptly named Mediators of Inflammation.


Vitamin A Helps Move Immune Cells to the Gut

Carrots for the Immune System

You may have heard that seventy percent of your immune system is in your gut.  That’s a neat, simple and surprisingly true claim, but why is seventy percent of the immune system located there?  Is it because of the large amount of symbiotic gut flora that calls your stomach home? Well, partly, but it seems that it’s a bit more complicated then that. Here is the million-dollar explanation from some scientists who published a study in the journal of Clinical and Experimental Immunology.

The gastrointestinal system plays a central role in immune system homeostasis. It is the main route of contact with the external environment and is overloaded every day with external stimuli, sometimes dangerous as pathogens (bacteria, protozoa, fungi, viruses) or toxic substances, in other cases very useful as food or commensal flora. The crucial position of the gastrointestinal system is testified by the huge amount of immune cells that reside within it. Indeed, gut-associated lymphoid tissue (GALT) is the prominent part of mucosal-associated lymphoid tissue (MALT) and represents almost 70% of the entire immune system;

The ten dollar explanation: Necessity. We eat things with germs and fungus on them and those things go right to our tummies. We can’t not eat, so our guts became the central loci for our bodies’ defenses. We can also thank our belly-bound buddy, the gut flora for the role it plays keeping us healthy. The gut flora is basically a gatekeeper that spurs the immune system into action whenever it/they come across something it/they don’t particularly like.  That’s why probiotics usage is so important, and all that lymph tissue represents the bulk of the human body’s ability to fight off invaders when our bossy gut flora commands it.

So where does vitamin A fit in to this fine system?

For years studies have shown that when someone was vitamin A deficient that their immune system was also in tatters, but it wasn’t quite clear why this was the way it was. Well, folks, today some scientists appear to have an answer.  According to a study published in the July issue of Immunity,  retinoic acid a metabolite from digested vitamin A is necessary because it guides innate immune cells to their proper places. The retinoic acid activate receptors that send them straight to the intestines where they settle in mucosal barrier tissues.

From the Press Release:

“It is important that these cells be concentrated in mucosal barrier tissues, as opposed to scattered throughout the body, because these tissues are the point of entry for many infections from bacteria, viruses and parasites,” Kim said. “Now that we have established the system of migration for these cells, we can play with it a little and see what changes the behavior and function of the cells.”

So eat your carrots! They’re essential!

Kai Applequist: Teamwork, Organization and Nutrition


Preferred Member and Red Rush Athlete Kai Applequist is the director of the Mercedes Benz presented by George’s Cycles bicycle racing team based out of Boise, Idaho. It’s the only elite cycling team in the state, composed solely of cyclists who have achieved the highest amateur rank, a mere notch below pro.

Formerly a professional cyclist, Kai’s career as co-captain of the Exergy racing team came to an abrupt halt in 2012 after the front wheel of his bike detached and he was flung face first into the asphalt. It took months for him to recover, and he wasn’t sure if he’d ride anymore. Kai took up the much safer running for a very short while, but when he got back on a bike, he was hooked all over again.

Founded in 2012, the Mercedes Benz p/b George’s team has accumulated over one hundred podium finishes and six state titles in that relatively short time. Kai credits organization as the key to the team’s success. Cyclists and cycling in general, tend to be individualistic, so when forming his team, Kai wanted to focus on planning, preparation and teamwork while downplaying those individualistic aspects.

“The thing I like about my team is that they all have their own businesses or they’re highlevel CEOs. They’re good at cycling because they do everything with the same purpose. When they show up to a race, their bike is clean, adjusted and ready to go. They behave the way you’d imagine adults would behave,” Kai said.

Cycling strategy is deceptively complex and teamwork is of paramount importance. It seems like the strongest guy should win every race, but wind, terrain and psychology all play factors. It’s why you see cyclists riding in formation like migrating birds. They’re drafting. It’s a way to block and manipulate air currents so that the team’s “best” rider, i.e., their sprinter (fast rider) or their climber (good at hills), is fresh for the final stretch. However, sometimes a team will have a strategic or psychological  advantage and will break away from the pack or “go on the attack.” That’s exactly how Kai and his team won a race earlier this spring.

“I had three teammates with me, so I attacked and nobody chased me. It was a total psychology thing. The other guys in the group could have tried to pull me back, but they knew that my teammates would have attacked. So they didn’t chase me down,” Kai said.

Another part of their strategy is the good nutrition from AIM products like Red Rush®, Peak Endurance® and ProPeas®.

“Red Rush plays a factor in preparation. The guys on the team who don’t normally use supplements have been using it and seeing results, even the old-school guys who bring ham sandwiches on their rides. Red Rush as well as Peak Endurance and ProPeas are integral in having a healthy and balanced nutrition plan. I really like the Peak Endurance. It has a good electrolyte profile as well as the B-vitamins for breaking down those carbohydrates during exercise. ProPeas is a very natural and usable protein for athletes and individuals.”

Director Promotion: Pamella Anne Cox

Pam ann cox

AIM Star Sapphire Director Pamella (Pam) Cox lives in a small, Floridian town several dozen miles north of Disney World. She began taking BarleyLife® thirty years ago. As a former smoker, Pam battled cases of walking pneumonia on and off for sixteen years. At the age of forty, Pam began taking BarleyLife daily mixed with juice and hasn’t had walking pneumonia since. She hasn’t even been sick.

“I saw the Janet Pauly testimony videos and learned how her health improved dramatically after taking BarleyLife. I realized that I’d probably be able to keep my immune system up and avoid getting sick by taking it daily myself. Guess what? It worked. Thirty years later, I’m the healthiest seventy-year-old I know.”

Pam doesn’t focus on marketing or recruiting. Instead, she simply shares her testimony with those looking for nutritional solutions to improve their well-being. Additionally, she likes sharing Janet Pauley’s “My Miracle” YouTube video. She explains how BarleyLife has helped her with her own health and refers people to her personalized AIM website. She recommends that they sign up and buy two jars of BarleyLife Xtra for an easy start.

“I guess that the people who I talk to about the products and see me or hear my voice, they can’t believe that I’m almost seventy, but then again, I can’t believe it either … teehee. I was at the dentist’s office recently and asked the receptionist to guess my age. She guessed fifty-two. Wow! Did that make my day! I then told her about BarleyLife Xtra.”

Pam currently takes BarleyLife Xtra because she likes the taste and a jar lasts her a good long time, which adds value. She considers the AIM products to be the highest quality health products on the market. She uses AIM’s ProPeas®, CoCoa LeafGreens®, RediBeets®, Just Carrots®, Herbal Release®, AIMega®, CalciAIM ®, CellSparc 360®, PrepZymes® and GingkoSense™ and makes different smoothies from them each day. She is also a fan of Renewed Balance®.

“I will never stop taking BarleyLife Xtra as I plan on being around for a long time, and I enjoy sharing my story with others, especially ones who are my age and have to deal with so many health issues. Maybe they’ll learn how to stay healthy naturally instead of relying on so many pills. I haven’t been sick in over thirty years now. I don’t even get flu shots. I’ve probably been able to stay so healthy for all these years because BarleyLife helps keep the body alkaline and sicknesses may have trouble surviving in such an environment.”

“I hope that after reading my testimonial, you’ll take your BarleyLife everyday like I’ve done and for the rest of your lives. I want you all to have the same results that I’ve been blessed with.”

AIM Welcomes You to Branson


We’re pleased to announce the location of our 2016 AIM Conference (May 18-22). You’ll get all the great nutrition, health and business info that you expect from our memorable AIM Conferences, but next year you’ll get a taste of the folksy downhome atmosphere of the Ozarks as well as world-class entertainment of a major city.

We’ll be staying at the beautiful and luxurious Chateau on the Lake Resort Spa and Convention Center, a wonderful place with full amenities, including a pool, fine dining, a spa and even a full-service marina.

Nestled in the Ozark Mountains of southern Missouri near Lake Taneycomo, Branson is popularly known as the “Live Entertainment Capital of the World” due to the more than fifty theaters hosting 100-plus live shows lining its thoroughfares. Famous entertainers from all around the globe have built venues there.

But the wonderful live entertainment is just the tip of the iceberg. The shopping is phenomenal. Branson, a town of just over ten thousand, boasts two outlet malls with over 200 stores between them. For those of you who like to shop in style, unforgettable Branson Landing offers 1.5 miles of walkable, lamp-lit lakeside stores and restaurants. And if fine dining is what excites you, restaurants like Buckingham’s Restaurant, The Ledgestone Grill and Altenhof Inn Restaurant have gained national renown.

And for the outdoorsperson, you cannot be disappointed by the location. Branson is home to thirteen golf courses, including the famed Payne Stewart Golf Course. If fishing is your thing, nearby Table Rock Lake is one of the best bass-fishing lakes in the United States. Then there’s historic Marvel Cave which has one of the largest cave entrance rooms under the continent. Take a traditional cave tour, or if you think you’re brave enough, test your nerves by taking a tour by lantern light.

All of these wonderful once-in-a-lifetime experiences are made all the more special by sharing them with your AIM Family.

So please join us May 18-22 for the 2016 AIM Conference in Branson, Missouri.

Earn Branson Bucks to help pay for your 2016 Conference.

Register at The AIM Companies:


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