AIM Peak Endurance: The Sweet Cheat

A True Energy Boost with No Drawbacks Each one of us has run out of energy at an inconvenient moment: nearly falling asleep while driving, nodding off while listening to your Aunt Mabel’s “disappearing pie” story for the 100th time or finding oneself too tuckered out to go all in during a workout. During drowsyContinue reading “AIM Peak Endurance: The Sweet Cheat”

Outstanding Support from AIM

Shared by Marilyn Rough, AIM Preferred Member in London, Ontario In September 2016, Marilyn Rough tuned in to a teleclass entitled “The Wonders of AIM’s Magnesium Products” presented by AIM Director Rica Gerhardt. Afterward, Marilyn emailed Rica to thank her because she is a new woman as a result of taking the time to callContinue reading “Outstanding Support from AIM”

AIM for Quality of Life

Shared by Donna Reeves, AIM Director in Baltimore, Ontario I looked after my ninety-one-year-old foster dad, Will, who officially adopted me when I was in my sixties. Will was totally blind, in poor health and living with his third wife in Florida when I went to pick him up. He had been constipated for overContinue reading “AIM for Quality of Life”

Give the Gift of Health

There is no greater gift than the gift of life. It’s why we wear helmets when cycling and seatbelts during car trips and even coats in wintertime and, yet, we tend to overlook the impact bad nutritional habits have on our lives. A poor diet, high blood pressure, high body-mass index, high cholesterol and lowContinue reading “Give the Gift of Health”

Behind the Scenes at AIM

The AIM Companies produces Herbal Fiberblend and several other products at this facility.  Our Quality Assurance teams monitors the process, and we thought it would be neat to show how your favorite products are made and how they are monitored for quality.  Please enjoy. The Process This machine fills the bottles with the correct numberContinue reading “Behind the Scenes at AIM”

No Matter Your Age, AIMega Can Help

When you’re young, you have a lot of innate luxuries. You’re naturally healthy, exuberant and carefree, so nutrition may not be at the forefront of your mind, although it very much should be. Scientific studies have shown time and time again that the earlier a person gets a handle on their health, the better of they’llContinue reading “No Matter Your Age, AIMega Can Help”

BarleyLife: The Super-est of Super Foods

When we say that BarleyLife is made from the most nutritious stuff on earth, it isn’t like some guy just saying that he makes “The World’s Best Sandwich.” Because that guy is probably just touting a normal sandwich with a fancy moniker. We’re selling a unique, nutritious product with the evidence to back it up.Continue reading “BarleyLife: The Super-est of Super Foods”

Better Digestion, Better Skin

There is a direct connection between what you eat and how you look. The most obvious, of course, is weight.  We all know that if you eat too much food, you’ll have to spring for some bigger pants. This can get expensive, and frankly, most people aren’t thrilled when they put on a few pounds. TheContinue reading “Better Digestion, Better Skin”