Member Income Plan Enhancements and Other Changes

Why Is AIM Making Changes to the Member Income Plan?

AIM wants to better reward your business-building efforts by increasing your earning potential. We also want to make it easier for anyone interested in the AIM products to order directly from the company, while keeping AIM compliant with the direct selling industry.

A Well-Deserved Raise for AIM Members

Effective July 1, 2022, you will begin earning an additional one percent commission on the group volumes of your personally-sponsored Members:
A qualifying Director or Elite Director will earn: 19% on Wholesale Members, 13% on Preferred Members and 7% on Group Builders.
A qualifying Group Builder will earn: 13% on Wholesale Members, 7% on Preferred Members and 4% on Group Builders.
A qualifying Preferred Member will earn: 7% on Wholesale Members and 4% on Preferred Members.
Note: Commissions earned on personal purchases (PV) will remain at current percentage levels.

Director Promotion Awards
Starting with July 2022 promotions, AIM is increasing the Director Promotion Awards for the titles of Director, Star Sapphire Director and Royal Emerald Director:
Director promotion:
$350 USD – an increase of $100 USD
Star Sapphire Director promotion:
$500 USD – an increase of $250 USD
Royal Emerald Director promotion:
$750 USD – an increase of $250 USD

Note: Members are paid in the currency of their country based on the AIM exchange rate at the time of payment.

Introducing AIM Customer

One of the most exciting enhancements is the introduction of AIM Customer, a brand-new option for ordering directly from AIM. Also called Favored Customer, an AIM Customer might be someone who wishes to “try out” the AIM products or isn’t interested in the business opportunity.
A key benefit for AIM Customers will be the ability to earn Loyalty Rewards on each AIM product order, which they can then redeem on their next product order placed within 6 months.
Customers will pay a little more for AIM products than Members but enjoy other features including shipping incentives and no membership or renewal fees.

How will AIM Customer benefit me?

As an AIM Member, you will earn commissions on the BVP of your Customer’s product purchases, the same you earn on a personally sponsored Wholesale Member. The Customer option will provide you with flexibility when promoting and sharing the AIM products with others. And at any time your Customer wants to become a Member, it will be an easy transition.
Final preparations are in progress for the AIM Customer option, so stay tuned for a launch date and full details in an upcoming issue of Living Well magazine.

Other Changes

Smart Start Rewards
This incentive will end with June 2022 business, simplifying the overall focus on commission increases to AIM Members.

Leadership Bonuses

Effective July 2022, a maximum of 300 Personal Volume (PV) will count towards Group Volume when calculating the Director Growth Bonus and Director Three-Deep Bonuses (previously it was 3,000 PV). This helps AIM comply with best practices in the direct selling industry, and benefits Members growing their downline instead of “bonus buying” or “inventory loading.”

Preferred Member Promotion

Effective September 2022, a total of 600 Group Volume (GV) points within three consecutive months will be needed to promote to AIM Preferred Member title (previously it was 450 GV).

Annual Membership Fee

Effective July 2022, all new Members will pay a $20 initial membership fee. Starting in June 2023, Preferred Member and Group Builder titles will need 600 PV (previously it was 200 PV) points during their membership year to waive a $20 annual renewal fee. Wholesale Members will need 100 PV (previously it was 50 PV). If an AIM Member doesn’t renew by the end of their one-month grace period, they will convert automatically to AIM Customer.

For more details, log in to your Member Dashboard and
select Member Tools > Member Income Plan to view the new AIM Member Income Plan booklet.

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