4 Healthy Summer Tips

Summer’s the most light-hearted of seasons given the warmth, sunshine, blue skies, barbecues and vacations. It’s also an ideal time to keep taking steps in the direction of good health.

1. Keep Moving
Staying active somehow seems easier to do in weather that allows you to spend more daylight hours outdoors. It doesn’t matter if you’re doing CrossFit, running, swimming, hiking or strolling. It all adds up to healthy, physical movement. Aim to be aerobically active for at least 150 minutes (moderate) or 75 minutes (vigorous) each week.
2. Stay Cool
Hot weather can affect body temperature and temperament, so it’s important to stay cool on both levels. Drinking plenty of water makes you sweat and helps your body cool off. Hydrating with Peak Endurance is particularly effective for the summer heat. And if you are feeling frustrated or stressed, Composure can help you chill out.
3. Eat Well
Summer is the perfect time to enjoy fresh produce, the high point of a primarily plant-based diet. Besides, garden-fresh vegetables taste best. Eat them raw for optimal nutrients and phytonutrients. Or lightly grill them on a barbecue to balance burger intake. The more plants you eat, the easier it is to maintain a healthy weight.
4. Take AIM
Get creative with AIM nutrition. Take summertime beverages to a healthily fun level by making cold drinks with nutritious, whole-food powders. Iced liquid refreshments that include BarleyLife, CoCoa LeafGreens, Just Carrots or RediBeets add an innovative approach to your supplemental intake. You can even experiment with frozen AIM treats for healthy alternatives to ice cream.

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