The Grow Cash Contest Begins!

June 1, 2020, marks the start of this year’s Grow Cash Contest for AIM Members in North America. The goal is to be 1 of 60 prize winners who will share a total of $64,500 in cash prizes. By focusing your efforts on the contest’s four growth activities, you have the opportunity to earn a cash prize from $500 all the way up to $5,000!

Finish Place USD
1st Place $5,000.00
2nd Place $3,500.00
3rd Place $2,500.00
4th Place $2,000.00
5th – 10th Place $1,500.00
11th – 20th Place $1,250.00
21st – 30th Place $1,000.00
31st – 50th Place $750.00
51st – 60th Place $500.00

Your winnings in the Grow Cash Contest are yours to spend any way you choose. But keep in mind the 2021 AIM Celebration in Branson, Missouri. A cash prize could go a long way toward travel or other expenses involved in attending this AIM Family event.

How to Succeed in the Grow Cash Contest

Earn contest points by doing one or more of the following Business and Member Growth Activities during the contest period from June 1 – December 31, 2020:

  1. New Member Orders

Sponsoring new Members whose initial orders are a minimum of 65 BVP earns you contest points. And the percentage of points increases with subsequent orders up to the fourth one placed.

  1. Inactive and Deleted Member Orders

Reactivating deleted Members or Members inactive since January 1, 2020, earns you contest points on their initial orders of 65 BVP or more. And subsequent orders up to the fourth one placed increase your percentage of earnable points.

  1. Promote to AIM Director

When you promote to the title of AIM Director during the contest period, you earn 500 points. And for every month that you have a Group Volume of 2,000 or more, you earn additional points.

  1. Create New Front-line AIM Directors

Sponsoring a Member who promotes to AIM Director during the contest period earns you 500 points. And each month that those new front-line Directors have Group Volumes of 2,000 or more, you earn additional points.

Maximize point earnings for activities 3 and 4 by making Director promotions happen early in the contest.

All the specifics of Grow Cash activities and complete contest details are just a few clicks away! Login to and click on Event/Contests to learn more.

This year’s contest is all about Members earning cash, unlike last year’s contest that along with cash prizes offered packages to the Clear 2020 Vision Celebration. Unfortunately, the Celebration scheduled for this month had to be cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, AIM is honoring the Celebration Packages earned by Members in last year’s contest.

Members who won one or two Celebration Packages can use them for the 2021 Celebration in Branson, Missouri. The only change is that these packages are non-transferable, so they must be used by the Members who won them as prizes. Members who have any questions about earned Celebration Packages may contact AIM.

For Members who did not win Celebration Packages, it is a good time to sign up to Auto-Pay Registration for the 2021 AIM Celebration in Branson, Missouri. You save $65 US/$84.50 CDN on each package purchased. Auto-pay amounts will be processed on the 20th of each month in six monthly installments beginning on September 20 and ending on February 20, 2021. Click here for an auto-pay registration form.

June 1 is the first day of the Grow Cash Contest, so begin planning your strategy for earning a cash prize to use for the 2021 Celebration.


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