The Diabetes-Alzheimer’s Connection

So little is certain about the cause of deadly diseases such as Alzheimer’s, and the drugs prescribed to treat them can be likened to shots in the dark: hit or miss. Mostly miss.

Destroying neurons and eventually leading to brain deterioration, Alz­hei­mer’s negatively affects a per­son’s memory, communication skills, reasoning, social behavior and the ability to function independently. Alzheimer’s drugs have a 99.6 percent failure rate, likely because they mask the symptoms and don’t address the “unknown” cause.

One train of thought is that Alzheimer’s could be related to type 2 diabetes, which results from a lack of insulin or its ineffective use. This results in high blood glucose levels and increased inflammation. Alzheimer’s has been given the nickname type 3 diabetes due to its association with insulin resistance in the brain.

If the brain cannot get glucose into its cells and produce energy, inflammation is produced instead. Reduced brain glucose metabolism just may be at the core of this insidious disease. This “fuel shortage of the brain” can start at a relatively young age and eventually lead to age-related Alzheimer’s.

Healthy lifestyle changes, especially in regard to nutrition, physical activity and sufficient sleep, have been shown to possibly prevent and even reverse a variety of debilitating diseases, including type 2 diabetes. Such choices are now believed to help prevent type 3 diabetes, better known as Alzheimer’s.

AIM for Nutrient-Rich!

As every AIM Member knows, AIM products cannot be sold or advertised as cures and treatments for any disease. The intention is to improve the nutritional profile of those who use AIM supplements.

Taking nutrient-dense, whole-food concentrates, such as BarleyLife, Just Carrots, RediBeets or CoCoa LeafGreens, goes hand in hand with healthy dietary choices that are preventative in nature.

Adding targeted nutrition, including GinkgoSense for memory health and AIMega for brain-healthy fats, increases appropriate nutrient intake for a sharp mind.


The AIM Companies has been dedicated to improving the quality of people’s lives with life-changing products like BarleyLife and Herbal Fiberblend and by rewarding passionate Members with a free-enterprise compensation plan.

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