AIM BIG Contest Standings for Dec. 6

As of 11:59 p.m. December 6, here are the current AIM BIG Contest standings to let you know what you’ve earned or how much more you need to earn a celebration package!  When you accrue points, you can earn up to two Celebration Packages and two additional nights at The Rosen Centre in Orlando! PLUS, if you are within the top 30 winners, you can earn from $1,000 to $5,000 in prize money.

If you have between 350 and 699 contest points, you’ve already earned 1 celebration package, a value of $750 USD. If you have between 700 and 999 points, you’ve earned 2 celebration packages. If you’ve reached 1,000 to 1,499 contest points you have earned 2 celebration packages PLUS one extra night. If you have reached 1,500 or more contest points, you’ve earned 2 celebration packages PLUS two extra nights, a value of $1,880 USD!

Below is a current listing of the top AIM BIG contest points earners. For full contest details, go to AIM BIG Contest flyer.

Membership Name Contest Points
Miller, Joseph W. and Emma M. 21521
Miller, Matthew and Karen D. 8012
Peterson, Ralph S. 4360
Vawda, Moonira 3682
Miller, Lester and Lydiann J. 3600
Stoltzfus, Levi J. 3557
Greens For Life, Inc. 3532
Jada, Muhammad 3378
Jada, Razia 3364
Paquin, Ginette 3110
Long, Michelle and Tad 3043
Jada, Shaheer 2754
Avodah Financial, LLC 2698
Jada Shaik, Raeesa 2522
Jonsson, Shona 2517
Fisher, Andrew and Ruth 2422
Reineke, Elise 2191
Gerhardt, Ulrike E. (Rica) 2065
* 1982
Stoltzfus, Sarah K. and John K. 1950
Van der Westhuizen, Tanya 1865
Bloemhof, Herman 1851
Schiele, Loren E. and Kathleen 1819
Ponchot, Cynthia K. 1737
Kaufman, Eldon and Rachel 1721
Fresh Beauty (Pty) Ltd, Placecol 1708
Shaw, Dixie and Eddie 1617
Donald, Lanny and Ken 1608
Mary A (Toni) Lund Family Trust 1589
Van der Merwe, Louise Heleen 1496
Desai, Hafiza 1490
Upfold, Jon and Julie 1451
Stoltzfus, Rose A. and David 1398
Robinson, Leré and Eddie 1377
Ghoor, Sadia 1374
Vladimirsky, Bella I. 1358
McPherson, Muriel and George 1352
Prince, Scott and Sara 1311
* 1255
Badat, Razia 1248
Carolyn D. Kling 1219
Miller, Glenn and Laurie 1218
Gloria Smith  D/B/A Aim for Health 1209
Ascent Strategies, Inc. 1173
Quantum Knowledge Pty., Ltd. 1173
Weitsz, Vanessa 1127
Pugh, Debra A. 1056
Yoder, Albert and Barbara 1049
Toft, Heidi and Mike 1039
Helm, Madaleine 1020
The Natural Way Network 1001
McCrea, Cathy S. 993
De Villiers, Yolanda 950
van Den Bosch, Nieske Lydia 940
van der Walt, Erna 939
Trust, Krause Health 930
Hochstetler, Perry L. and Mary 900
Myburgh c/o Something Natural, Vivienne 892
Van Den Bosch, Marinda 888
Trak Consulting Inc. 874
Breitkreutz, Janet and Darrel 867
Revolution Solution, Inc. 857
Vandertil, Rita and Eno 839
Rehbock, Elize 838
Weber, Ron E. and Mary C. 835
Baty, Erin and Michael 834
Du Randt t/a Metabole Pty., Ltd, Charl & Malinda 832
Okui, Mitsuko 825
Davis, Celeste R. 824
Miller, Barbara M. 811
Swarey, Susan M. and Jacob C. 810
Stoltzfus, Elam M. and Katie 796
Settsu Derma Shine, Ltd. 787
Clemmer, Ronda and Paul 784
C and S Knight Enterprises. Inc. 774
Klohs, Penelope J. 764
Fisher, Daniel and Katie Lynn 744
Fonseca, Lorraine B. M. and Roger 732
Kuret-Coetzer, Tanya 727
Miller, Rosie L. 713
Yoder, Raymond E. and Alma A. 706
Wright, Rita and Dennis M. 705
Mullet, Nathan and Lori 700
Crane, Samantha 697
Christian Traders S&ED 697
Russ, Ananda and Herbie 686
Brown, Charlie and Joyce 680
Troyer, David E. and Regina 671
Ger, Juliet 664
c/o Health & Babies, Yulanda Ridge 652
Kleiner, Jason D/B/A Quantum Logistics 650
Kauffman, James B. and Erma H. 648
Miller, LaVern L. and Linda E. 646
Casavant, Monique 644
Botha, Stephne 636
Huxter Ltd, Ken and Cheryl 634
Wilkie, Nikola 629
Maradiaga, Amanda 627
Eicher, Sam D. and Rosa 624
Villeneuve, Melanie 617
Knapton, Joyce and Rory 616
Ngidi, Bheki 600
Esther A. Faseun, D/B/A Wise Health Options 599
Swartzentruber, Amos and Barbara B. 595
Bester, Karin 595
Peer, Rashida 591
Walter, Elizabeth 591
Anderson, Betty 591
Jones, Derrinda and Yvette 577
Blasingame, Pat and Gene 573
Raber, Mary A. 573
Van Rensburg, Chris and Joan 569
Poswiata, June 568
Cole, David F. and Linda 567
Stoltzfoos, David F. and Ruth A. 567
Yu-Shiaw Chen, PhD 565
Shu, Loretta C. and Joseph S. 565
King, Sarah and Stephen 563
Smith, Leone’ 563
Bontrager, Jane and Calvin 561
Thiessen, Darlene 560
Abrams, Jann and Stan 547
Barkman, Monroe J. and Barbara 544
Cote, Lucie 543
Cover, Carol 539
King, Michael and Mary C. 537
Brown, Jenny Ann 535
Carriere, Mireille 530
Phihlela, Princess 529
Perfect Health 528
Zeluf, Melanie Anne 525
Wolfe, John T. and Lynn C. 510
Brooks, Laura E 507
Beiler, Alvin K. and Katie Mae 499
Hershberger, Kathy J. 494
Docrat, Fatima 492
Prabha, Sashi 490
Reimer, Elaine and Rudy 483
Jackson, Joanne and Wayne 482
Lambright, Lester P. and Esther E. 479
Westerfield, Mary 478
Keyser, Brenda J. 473
Smith, Edna and Hilton 469
Overholt, Ruth 469
Winton, Sheryl 465
Burkholder, Elaine and Michael 458
Swarey, Solomon L. and Hannah S. 451
Yoder, Enos B. and Mattie 450
Esh, Henry S. and Miriam 450
Schwartz, Perry and Frieda 450
Cinque, Jennifer 450
Wickey, Joni E. and Emma E. 450
Stoltzfus, Steven F. and Sarah 450
Swart, Isa 450
Borntrager, Johnny W. and Esther 450
Gingerich, Allen A. and Laura 448
Stutzman, Paul and Susie 448
van der Walt, Marietjie 444
Troyer, Gideon W and Clara 439
Gingerich, Tobie and Lizzie Anne 438
Eagle Ranch, Inc. 436
Hechler, Edith 435
Miller, Andrew M. and Martha W. 432
Lesela, Portia 430
Mdaka, Winnie 423
McLean, Krys and Bill 423
Yarnevich, Susan 423
Salmon, Raema Jane 422
Kenney, Mark N. 420
Mikoll, Lorraine 420
Miller, Vera and Floyd 410
van Loggerenberg, Juanita N. 410
Paruk, Fathima 409
Pems 409
Botha, Marlene 406
Ambrose, Gina 401
Beanland, Glenda 400
King, Amos S and Annie F. 395
Gerbaz, Ila M. 383
Yoder’s Nutritional Products, LLC 383
Du Toit, Rene 382
Gullion, Loretta 381
Kim, Soonja (Helena) and Sung-nam (Winston) 379
Thompson, Susan B. 376
de Villiers, Cleone 374
Slabaugh, Michael and Linda 372
Gray, Douglas and Fran 371
Stevenson, Petra 364
Jones, Rosetta F. and Leonard T. 363
Fausett, Grant and Heather 358
Berkin, Arnold and Judy 352
Swain, Anthony G. 343
Gingerich, Lucinda and Jonathan 342
Miller, Marietta E. 342
Levin, Hester 341
Loveday, Margaret 338
Peterson, Brent D. 336
Barbara S. Robertson Trust 331
Martin, Laurene and Clarence 331
Long, Coya J. 330
*Membership wishes to remain anonymous.

Plan to join your AIM family at our 2019 Celebration in Orlando, Florida, from June 20 thru 23. You have 24 days from this post to reach the next  prize level or reach 350 contest points for a celebration package to Orlando. You can do it!


Since 1982, The′ AIM Companies has been dedicated to improving the quality of people’s lives with life-changing products and by rewarding passionate Members with a free-enterprise compensation plan.

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