A Life with AIM

Dr. Mary Ruth Swope
Oct. 28, 1919 – Sept. 1, 2018

In the world of AIM Diamonds, there are individuals who shine exceedingly bright during their time as Members. One of those brilliant lights has faded away, and it is appropriate that The AIM Companies™ sends word to the entire AIM family of the passing of Dr. Mary Ruth Swope at the age of 98.

Interestingly enough, Dr. Swope was initially reluctant to become a Member, having declined on three separate occasions of being asked to join by David and Cece Brewer, Royal Emerald Directors. After she prayed on their offered opportunity, God told her, “The way is clear. There are no hindrances.” The year was 1982.

Dr. Swope went on to become a Chairman’s Club Director and, in 2016, she was inducted into the Eight Million Dollar Club, incredible achievements for someone who originally had no intention of being in business. She attributed her record at AIM as an outstanding business builder to God having a plan for her life.

Part of the plan was having a wonderful post-retirement life with less daily pressure and more time for spiritual development, study, travel and gardening, all the things she was unable to do while working as a university dean and professor. Dr. Swope had attained her doctorate in administration from Columbia University in New York City.

After joining AIM, she educated herself on the nutritional benefits of barley grass and the AIM Member Income Plan. Then Dr. Swope began giving away AIM’s juice powder of young barley plants, asking for only testimonials in return. Recipients shared their personal stories on how BarleyLife was beneficial for a wide variety of health issues, including skin problems, heart disease, fatigue, diabetes and arthritis.

Opportunities to speak all around the country came her way, along with radio and TV interviews that generated phone calls and letters from people wanting to know more about BarleyLife. AIM president and co-owner Dennis Itami acknowledged that Dr. Swope reached more people directly through radio and TV broadcasts than any other Member. She also authored a number of books.

The wealth she gained from her AIM business was donated to pastors, ministries, orphans, widows and a variety of charities. Once she reached her 70s, Dr. Swope’s efforts to help others were assisted by Charlotte Bates, her aide and friend. This incredible team worked non-stop and traveled to most U.S. states and over 20 countries in an effort to help others.

Dr. Mary Ruth Swope and the time of her life with AIM will always be cherished and fondly remembered.

Testimonials should not be construed as representing results everybody can achieve.


The AIM Companies has been dedicated to improving the quality of people’s lives with life-changing products like BarleyLife and Herbal Fiberblend and by rewarding passionate Members with a free-enterprise compensation plan.

The Power of AIM Nutrition

Sometimes life throws a curveball that ends up changing everything. In Alex Garb’s case, life shot a curve-puck at her.

Alex was poised to become the lead goalie on Team Canada’s roller hockey team, a position that she had trained hard for over the years and proved herself worthy of attaining. Three days before the official tryouts at the end of April 2018, Alex was on new roller skates and in the net playing goalie on a men’s team. She’s that good.

While attempting to stop a puck racing toward her, Alex turned her knee in a defensive move but her foot stayed firmly planted. Maybe it was the new skates. The twist movement made her knee pop, injuring her medial collateral ligament (MCL), the band of tissue along the knee’s inner edge that connects the thigh and shin bones.

Unfortunately, Alex couldn’t perform at her usual 100 percent at the tryouts, and she wasn’t chosen to play goalie. Although Alex was offered a player position, she decided to decline the offer to play on Team Canada, which would compete in Italy in July and, for the very first time, not win a medal. Alex knew that she wouldn’t be able to play her best because she needed time to heal.

At the same time, her job as a server made it difficult to fully heal, always being on her feet. “To help get my knee strength back, two weeks after my injury, I started going to physiotherapy—twice a week for a month,” Alex said. After three weeks of combining AIM nutrition and physio, Alex started skating again but not playing goalie. “I thought it would be too dangerous to injure my knee again.”

Upping her in­take of BarleyLife and Frame Essentials helped reduce the pain and increasing her use of the three Mag-nificence products also helped with the healing process. After feeling the positive effects the Mag-nificence topical magnesium in the lotion and spray and CWR in her baths, Alex stated, “I had no idea of the power of this mineral.”

Soon, Alex was back playing as defenseman with a local all-female inline team that she created back in January to grow the sport of roller hockey. In June, the team traveled to California to compete in the North American Roller Hockey Championships (NARCh), where Alex scored a goal and the team took home silver.

The future looks bright for Alex as she continues to get stronger with AIM at her side.

Testimonials should not be construed as representing results everybody can achieve.


The AIM Companies has been dedicated to improving the quality of people’s lives with life-changing products like BarleyLife and Herbal Fiberblend and by rewarding passionate Members with a free-enterprise compensation plan.

AIM Nutrition: No Fillers and Fantastic Benefits

Shared by Heather Flannelly, AIM Director

I have taken a lot of health products that I’ve been disappointed with because they contain a lot of fillers. Then in 2016, AIM Star Sapphire Director Kathy Craig asked if I would like to try some AIM products, seeing that I was feeling a bit under the weather.

I noticed right away that AIM products don’t have fillers, and so I started with the Garden Trio and a bit of Peak Endurance. Over time, things started to slowly improve. It’s now 2018, and I have continued to faithfully take all of the products.

I don’t have restless leg syndrome anymore, which, for 40 years, had interfered with my sleep, having to get up every night and walk around. And I no longer have Raynaud’s disease, which I had for 20 years. This is a big improvement because you can lose the tips of your fingers with Raynaud’s.

I also noticed that I didn’t have floaters anymore. My night vision cleared up when I was driving. I had been bothered with rosacea, and there was a big improvement on that. Seeing my doctor on a regular basis, she was really impressed with what had been happening with me physically.


At first I wanted to take the products just for me, but I’d been listening to many people talking to me about their health problems. So I decided to start giving products away, and I noticed that everyone I gave products to was improving.

So now I want to go even further and start to have part of a business on my own selling AIM products because I know they work and I know they’re good for people. And it just makes me feel good when other people’s health is improving too.

By the way, I really enjoy taking Red Rush; it’s nice and smooth and helps my energy levels. There’s no caffeine in it, so there are no spikes to this energy drink. At first, I was taking a third of a bottle daily for a month and then I increased it to half a bottle. My hair had been really thinning, but I now have new hair growth, which is wonderful because I didn’t expect that to happen at all. So Red Rush is one of my favorite products.

Testimonials should not be construed as representing results everybody can achieve.


The AIM Companies has been dedicated to improving the quality of people’s lives with life-changing products like Red Rush and Peak Endurance and by rewarding passionate Members with a free-enterprise compensation plan.

The Many Pros of Proancynol 2000

Your body is under continuous attack by unstable molecules known as free radicals. To fully understand their ill nature, think of them as psychopaths whose only interest is to hurt and kill you. Antioxidants calm these psychotic molecules by giving them what they need: a missing electron. Proancynol 2000 supplements your body’s dependence on protective antioxidants.

It’s not only that Proancynol 2000 delivers a vast variety of antioxidants from only seven ingredients, it’s the fact that all of its antioxidant molecules work even better as a team to protect you from free radical damage to your DNA, cells, fats, proteins, tissues and organs.

Some Proancynol 2000 ingredients take an important step further by working synergistically to help increase levels of possibly the most powerful antioxidant in your body: glutathione.

Glutathione Greatness

Pronounced glue-ta-THIGH-own, it is present in everything alive on Earth, for as stated in the Human Metabolome Database (HMDB): “There are virtually no living organisms on this planet—animal or plant—whose cells don’t contain some glutathione.”1
Mainly produced by the liver and occurring in all cell types, glutathione is primarily made up of three amino acids: glutamate, glycine and cysteine.2 Glutathione supplements alone are ineffective in increasing levels because the body breaks down this glutathione into its three amino acids.

Studies have shown that people with high levels of glutathione have longer life spans and a greater sense of well-being than those with low levels. This king of antioxidants is essential for removing toxins from the body, inhibiting oxidation, preventing the onset of disease and promoting youthfulness.

Unfortunately, youthfulness is com­promised during the aging process because the body begins to produce lower amounts of many essential nutrients, especially glutathione. A number of other factors, such as poor nutrition, environmental toxins and stress, can also contribute to glutathione deficiency.

Proancynol 2000 Boosts Glutathione Production

Supplementing with antioxidant-rich Proancynol 2000 can help to increase the amount of protective glutathione in your body. Three antioxidant ingredients in Proancynol 2000 are particularly beneficial for its production.

  1. Alpha-lipoic acid helps to regenerate glutathione.
  2. N-acetylcysteine increases intracellular glutathione, especially in liver tissue.
  3. Selenium is a vital micronutrient in glutathione peroxidase, an enzyme that reduces free radicals and oxidation in the body.

Increasing glutathione levels in your body is just one of the many pros of Proancynol 2000, so it’s always a good time to go pro with Proancynol 2000!

References accessed July 19, 2018

1 Human Metabolome Database (HMDB)

2 Glutathione Metabolism and Its Implications for Health [The Journal of Nutrition 2004]

Testimonials should not be construed as representing results everybody can achieve.


The AIM Companies has been dedicated to improving the quality of people’s lives with life-changing products like BarleyLife and Herbal Fiberblend and by rewarding passionate Members with a free-enterprise compensation plan.

AIM BIG for Celebration Packages and Extra Nights to Orlando, Florida

As of 11:59 p.m. October 18, here are the current AIM BIG Contest standings to let you know what you’ve earned or how much more you need to earn a celebration package!  When you accrue points, you can earn up to two Celebration Packages and two additional nights at The Rosen Centre in Orlando! PLUS, if you are within the top 30 winners, you can earn from $1,000 to $5,000 in prize money.

If you have between 350 and 699 contest points, you’ve already earned 1 celebration package, a value of $750 USD. If you have between 700 and 999 points, you’ve earned 2 celebration packages. If you’ve reached 1,000 to 1,499 contest points you have earned 2 celebration packages PLUS one extra night. If you have reached 1,500 or more contest points, you’ve earned 2 celebration packages PLUS two extra nightsa value of $1,880 USD!

Below is a current listing of the top AIM BIG contest points earners. For full contest details, go to AIM BIG Contest flyer.

Membership Name Contest Points
Miller, Joseph W. and Emma M. 9446
Miller, Matthew and Karen D. 3965
Stoltzfus, Levi J. 3029
Jada, Shaheer 2288
Jada, Muhammad 2223
Peterson, Ralph S. 2211
Long, Michelle and Tad 2076
Avodah Financial, LLC 2042
Miller, Lester and Lydiann J. 1848
Bloemhof, Herman 1796
Fisher, Andrew and Ruth 1700
Vawda, Moonira 1698
Paquin, Ginette 1696
Jada, Razia 1659
Jada Shaik, Raeesa 1647
Jonsson, Shona 1392
Reineke, Elise 1302
Schiele, Loren E. and Kathleen 1261
Greens for Life, Inc. 1171
Ponchot, Cynthia K. 1155
Gloria Smith  D/B/A Aim for Health 1121
Stoltzfus, Sarah K. and John K. 1053
* 1047
Mary A. (Toni) Lund Family Trust 1033
Upfold, Jon and Julie 974
Desai, Hafiza 914
Stoltzfus, Rose A. and David 893
Ascent Strategies, Inc. 869
Shaw, Dixie and Eddie 822
Helm, Madaleine 815
Carolyn D. Kling 814
Robinson, Leré and Eddie 812
The Natural Way Network 778
Vladimirsky, Bella I. 772
Settsu Derma Shine, Ltd. 768
Trust, Krause Health 738
Breitkreutz, Janet and Darrel 728
Quantum Knowledge Pty., Ltd. 726
Hochstetler, Perry L. and Mary 700
Trak Consulting, Inc. 698
Baty, Erin and Michael 680
Donald, Lanny and Ken 671
Du Randt t/a Metabole Pty. Ltd., Charl and Malinda 666
Van der Westhuizen, Tanya 662
Miller, Rosie L. 647
Kaufman, Eldon and Rachel 643
Gerhardt, Ulrike E. (Rica) 640
McCrea, Cathy S. 616
Ger, Juliet 614
Toft, Heidi and Mike 604
Knapton, Joyce and Rory 600
McPherson, Muriel and George 594
Swarey, Susan M. and Jacob C. 594
Troyer, David E. and Regina 590
Davis, Celeste R. 573
Maradiaga, Amanda 568
Ghoor, Sadia 542
Weber, Ron E. and Mary C. 539
C and S Knight Enterprises, Inc 538
c/o Health & Babies, Yulanda Ridge 527
Shu, Loretta C. and Joseph S. 523
van der Walt, Erna 522
Stoltzfoos, David F. and Ruth A. 521
Miller, LaVern L. and Linda E. 518
Russ, Ananda and Herbie 513
Miller, Glenn and Laurie 509
Stoltzfus, Elam M. and Katie 496
Smith, Leoné 493
Van der Merwe, Louise Heleen 486
Esther A Faseun, D/B/A Wise Health Options 482
Weitsz, Vanessa 480
Casavant, Monique 475
Brown, Charlie and Joyce 469
Van Rensburg, Chris and Joan 462
Raber, Mary A. 461
Blasingame, Pat and Gene 460
Esh, Henry S. and Miriam 450
Kuret- Coetzer, Tanya 450
Bester, Karin 445
Yoder, Maynard and Marie 443
Yoder, Albert and Barbara 434
Jackson, Joanne and Wayne 434
King, Michael and Mary C. 433
Thiessen, Darlene 431
Christian Traders S&ED 430
* 429
van der Walt, Marietjie 427
Jones, Derrinda and Yvette 427
Cole, David F. and Linda 424
Mullet, Nathan and Lori 422
Brooks, Laura E. 417
Revolution Solution, Inc. 413
Perfect Health 412
Cover, Carol 405
Pugh, Debra A. 403
Lambright, Lester P. and Esther E. 402
Lagerwall, Fay 401
Yu-Shiaw Chen, PhD 400
Prince, Scott and Sara 399
Brown, Jenny Ann 385
Villeneuve, Melanie 384
Eicher, Sam D. and Rosa 374
Vandertil, Rita and Eno 373
Swarey, Solomon L. and Hannah S. 370
McLean, Krys and Bill 369
Pems 369
Gullion, Loretta 368
Miller, Barbara M. 361
Botha, Stephne 361
Van Den Bosch, Marinda 360
Rehbock, Elize 357
Wilkie, Nikola 357
Graber, Mark and Marilyn 354
Abrams, Jann and Stan 354
Berkin, Arnold & Judy 352
Poswiata, June 345
Stutzman, Paul and Susie 345
Badat, Razia 345
Myburgh c/o Something Natural, Vivienne 343
Eagle Ranch, Inc 341
Levin, Hester 341
Salmon, Raema Jane 340
Landsberg, Jenny 338
Peachey, Abram and Katie 335
Westerfield, Mary 330
Thompson, Susan B. 326
Overholt, Ruth 325
Fonseca, Lorraine B M & Roger 325
Mikoll, Lorraine 324
Prabha, Sashi 321
Peterson, Brent D. 313
Docrat, Fatima 311
Clemmer, Ronda and Paul 301
Roth-Roffy, Sandra S. 300
Kearney, Cecilia (Irene) 300
Miller, Elmer D. 300
Moloi, Nunu 300
Okui, Mitsuko 299
Huang, Alice L. 296
Cote, Lucie 295
Beanland, Glenda 293
Fisher, Daniel and Katie Lynn 293
Crane, Samantha 291
Zeluf, Melanie Anne 291
Loveday, Margaret 288
Yoder’s Nutritional Products, LLC 285
Sante 2000 284
Rasseau, Michelle 283
Ministik Cottage 278
Bana, Nasreen 276
Brogan, Lisa 275
Cheng, Sophia 275
Kenney, Mark N. 270
Sunderland, Virginia and Charles 269
Wadia, Fatima 267
Clark, Ricki and Rob 265
Anderson, Betty 262
L R Phanthel Investments, Inc. 261
Yong, Christina 261
Christner, Twila M. and William G. 260
Wolfe, John T. and Lynn C. 260
Yarnevich, Susan 260
Huxter Ltd., Ken and Cheryl 258
Evans, Robert L. and Patricia 258
Gerbaz, Ila M. 257
De Villiers, Yolanda 254
Wilkerson, Tina 253
Bosman, Jane J. and Jack B. 250
* 250
D’Amours, Lucette 250

*Membership wishes to remain anonymous.

Plan to join your AIM family at our 2019 Celebration in Orlando, Florida, from June 20 thru 23.


Since 1982, The′ AIM Companies has been dedicated to improving the quality of people’s lives with life-changing products and by rewarding passionate Members with a free-enterprise compensation plan.

CranVerry+ vs. Candida

Along with friendly and unfriendly bacteria, one of the microorganisms that lives in the body’s microbiome is fungi. One is a species of yeast known as Candida, a pathogenic, parasitic, single-celled fungus. But it’s only as bad as it sounds when there is an overgrowth, just like the bad bacteria that serve a purpose when kept in balance but can make you sick when overpopulated in your body.

Three of the most common causes of Candida overgrowth are:

  1. Over-consuming refined carbohy­drates and sugars—Candida thrives on sugar
  2. Drinking too much alcohol—more sugar
  3. Taking antibiotics—kills the bad and good bacteria that keep Candida levels in balance

An unhealthy excess of Can­dida albicans—the most common species—causes candidiasis, a variety of yeast infections that can affect the mouth, skin, stomach, urinary tract, penis or vagina. Fortunately, AIM has a natural solution that can help alleviate and prevent Candida overgrowth.

Candida-Combating Ingredients in CranVerry+

In addition to proanthocyanidin-rich cranberry extract providing an anti-adhesive effect on urinary bacteria, there are three additional ingredients in CranVerry+ with properties that combat Candida yeast: resveratrol, beta-glucanase and mangosteen.

Candida Death by Resveratrol and Mangosteen

Sourced from giant knotweed root for the CranVerry+ formula, resveratrol is a phytonutrient that occurs naturally in plants and acts like an antioxidant, protecting the body from damage. In the March 2015 issue of Current Microbiology, research shows that resveratrol’s anti­fungal activity brings about the death of Candida albicans.1

One of many unique tropical fruits, mangosteen has a thick, deep purple peel that protects its delectable white sections of fruit. CranVerry+ contains a concentration of mangosteen fruit and its protective rind that provides a wide variety of natural antioxidants called xanthones. A 2009 study published in the Journal of Oral Science reveals that a mangosteen xanthone called alpha-mangostin kills Candida albicans within 20 minutes of exposure.2

Biofilm Destruction by Beta-Glucanase

The slimy shield that encloses and protects Candida albicans is called biofilm, which allows this yeast to multiply and cause infections. Research published in the International Journal of Biological Macromolecules 2018 issue shows that an enzyme called beta-glucanase eats away at beta-glucan, the main structural component of biofilm.3 Weakening this shielding slime with the beta-glucanase in CranVerry+ can make it even easier for antifungal resveratrol and mangosteen to go for the Candida kill.

References accessed July 26, 2018

1 https://doi.org/10.1007/s00284-014-0734-1

2 https://www.jstage.jst.go.jp/article/josnusd/51/3/51_3_401/_pdf/-char/en

3 https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0141813017338473

Fit is the New Thin: Mélanie’s Story

It is important to note that maintaining an ideal weight for your body composition goes well beyond being skinny or thin. It’s about being fit. It’s the new thin in wellness.

Over the years, many Members (The AIM Companies’ distributors) have managed their weight by using a variety of AIM products, including BarleyLife, ProPeas, fit ’n fiber and GlucoChrom. A selection of recent testimonials comprise the “Fit Is the New Thin” series, beginning with a personal success story from Mélanie Villeneuve, an AIM Group Builder who lives in  Quebec with her husband and their two daughters.

Weight Loss Made Easy

As a working mom with two young girls, I need a lot of energy. But I had been experiencing health issues: stomach problems and mostly feeling tired all the time. I had poor nutritional habits and was overweight. I wanted to take charge of my health.

In September 2017, I started using AIM products, learning about their benefits for my family from AIM Director Sylvie Adam. I began by taking BarleyLife Xtra every morning for a month because I wanted to try one product first on myself and see if I felt any different.

After only four days, I noticed an increase in my energy levels, better digestion and reduced bloating. And at the end of that first month, I had lost 8 pounds.
Since then, I’ve been eating healthy, alkaline, raw food along with taking additional AIM products: the Garden Trio, which my girls love, ProPeas, fit ’n fiber and GlucoChrom. When I weighed myself four months into this lifestyle change, I had lost 30 pounds … and I’m keeping it off!

I couldn’t keep this a secret just for myself, so I’m promoting this healthy lifestyle and building an AIM business in the process. I began by telling family and friends about AIM nutrition. Some people didn’t recognize me after my weight loss. I look healthier, happier and fitter.

AIM makes it easy to introduce good nutrition to your routine, and you can start by changing one thing at a time. I know that I am now at my best to take care of my family. I’m full of energy, so I can do whatever I want. And I’m also ready to help people who want better health.

Testimonials should not be construed as representing results everybody can achieve.


The AIM Companies has been dedicated to improving the quality of people’s lives with life-changing products like BarleyLife and Herbal Fiberblend and by rewarding passionate Members with a free-enterprise compensation plan.