AIM BIG Contest Standings – Sept. 20, 2018

Earn your way to Orlando, Florida!

We wanted to share current AIM BIG Contest standings to let you know if you are in the running to join the rest of your AIM family in Orlando, Florida, from June 20-23. When you accrue points, you can earn up to two Celebration Packages and two additional nights at The Rosen Centre in Orlando! Plus, if you are within the top 30 winners, you can earn from $1,000 to $5,000 in prize money.

$40,000 in cash, 2019 Celebration Packages, plus two additional night’s stay are available and you have through December 31, 2018 to earn your prize.

Below is a listing of the top 100 Memberships in the running for contest prizes as of 11:59 p.m. MT, September 20. For full contest details, go to AIM BIG Contest flyer.

Membership Name Points
Miller, Joseph W. and Emma M. 4918
Stoltzfus, Levi J. 2679
Miller, Matthew and Karen D.  2662
Avodah Financial, LLC 1780
Jada, Shaheer 1568
Long, Michelle and Tad 1430
Jada Shaik, Raeesa 1409
Vawda, Moonira 1255
Jada, Muhammad 1238
Peterson, Ralph S. 1208
Jada, Razia 1097
Schiele, Loren E. and Kathleen 928
Gloria Smith  D/B/A Aim for Health 813
Greens For Life, Inc. 802
Ponchot, Cynthia K. 770
Mary A. (Toni) Lund Family Trust 738
Paquin, Ginette 719
Upfold, Jon and Julie 710
Miller, Lester and Lydiann J. 704
Hochstetler, Perry L. and Mary 700
Trust, Krause Health 682
Reineke, Elise 682
Settsu Derma Shine, Ltd. 672
Ger, Juliet 658
Bloemhof, Herman 655
Carolyn D. Kling 653
Ghoor, Sadia 642
Quantum Knowledge Pty. Ltd. 640
Ascent Strategies, Inc. 638
Jonsson, Shona 618
Robinson, Leré and Eddie 615
Fisher, Andrew and Ruth 600
Knapton, Joyce and Rory 600
Stoltzfus, Sarah K. and John K. 583
Van der Westhuizen, Tanya 582
* 578
Du Randt t/a Metabole Pty. Ltd., Charl & Malinda 567
The Natural Way Network 566
Kaufman, Eldon and Rachel 557
McCrea, Cathy S. 540
Maradiaga, Amanda 533
Shaw, Dixie and Eddie 523
Donald, Lanny and Ken 507
Raber, Mary A. 485
Esther A. Faseun, D/B/A Wise Health Options 482
Trak Consulting, Inc. 482
Baty, Erin and Michael 481
Shu, Loretta C. and Joseph S. 477
Smith, Leone 459
Brown, Charlie and Joyce 453
Stoltzfus, Rose A. and David 439
Miller, LaVern L. and Linda E. 435
van der Walt, Marietjie 427
Jones, Derrinda and Yvette 427
Stoltzfoos, David F. and Ruth A. 421
McPherson, Muriel and George 419
King, Michael and Mary C. 418
Desai, Hafiza 418
Vladimirsky, Bella I. 415
Weber, Ron E. and Mary C. 415
Miller, Rosie L. 412
Cole, David F. and Linda 406
Cover, Carol 405
Davis, Celeste R. 405
Breitkreutz, Janet and Darrel 398
Christian Traders S&ED 391
Swarey, Susan M. and Jacob C. 391
Villeneuve, Melanie 384
Brooks, Laura E. 384
C and S Knight Enterprises, Inc. 373
van der Walt, Erna 372
Gullion, Loretta 368
Waldner, Jacob J. 367
Berkin, Arnold and Judy 352
Jackson, Joanne and Wayne 352
Brown, Jenny Ann 349
Casavant, Monique 345
Toft, Heidi and Mike 344
Levin, Hester 341
Yu-Shiaw Chen, PhD 337
Helm, Madaleine 329
Abrams, Jann and Stan 318
Peterson, Brent D. 313
Russ, Ananda & Herbie 313
Kearney, Cecilia (Irene) 300
Huang, Alice L. 296
Cote, Lucie 295
Gerhardt, Ulrike E. (Rica) 292
Poswiata, June 286
c/o Health & Babies, Yulanda Ridge 286
Ministik Cottage 278
Eagle Ranch, Inc. 276
Miller, Glenn and Laurie 274
Westerfield, Mary 273
Docrat, Fatima 271
Landsberg, Jenny 265
Clark, Ricki and Rob 265
McLean, Krys and Bill 262
Yoder’s Nutritional Products, LLC 262
Anderson, Betty 262
* Member wishes to remain anonymous.
   Green indicates you’ve already earned one celebration package!

We hope to see you at AIM’s 2019 Celebration in Orlando, Florida, from June 20 thru 23.


Since 1982, The′ AIM Companies has been dedicated to improving the quality of people’s lives with life-changing products and by rewarding passionate Members with a free-enterprise compensation plan.

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