Amazing BarleyLife

Shared by Wellington Cheng, AIM Preferred Member Before retiring at age seventy-four, I worked as a journalist and editor for a Chinese newspaper in the Bay Area for twenty years. I first started taking AIM’s barley product now known as BarleyLife over twenty years ago. Today, I’m nearly eighty-nine and feel very good. My veryContinue reading “Amazing BarleyLife”

The ORGANIC Question

AIM offices around the world frequently receive the question as to whether or not AIM products are organic. The answer is interesting. AIM products are grown under organic standards. For example, crops of barley grass are cultivated without the use of pes­ticides, herbicides or fungicides and involve other organic practices like crop rotation. As well,Continue reading “The ORGANIC Question”

Never, Ever Go Off the AIM Products

Shared by Cindy Ponchot, AIM Star Sapphire Director After being diagnosed with primary peritoneal cancer, I chose a mind-body-spirit approach to healing instead of traditional cancer treatments. After all, I was given only six months to live! Why would I want to be on treatments that induce sickness? This approach included the AIM products. ToContinue reading “Never, Ever Go Off the AIM Products”

FloraFood Saves the Day

Shared by Brenda Ratich, AIM Preferred Member My son, Tyrel, began having severe abdominal cramps when he was around fourteen years old. I talked to a few parents who said it could be Crohn’s disease, but Tyrel’s medical checkup showed that it wasn’t. Still the problem persisted. Being a young athlete who played basketball inContinue reading “FloraFood Saves the Day”

Reach Your Peak Endurance

It’s summertime. You’re active. Over-exertion is your middle name.  AIM Peak Endurance™ can help you reach the peak in your physical goals, mountain climbing or otherwise. It takes energy. That’s the secret ingredient in Peak Endurance. Supplemental energy in the form of PEAK ATP™: adenosine 5-triphosphate disodium, the exact molecule needed by your body toContinue reading “Reach Your Peak Endurance”

Green Protein from ProPeas

One of the healthiest sources of protein grows in the garden. Delectable fresh peas are the AIM ProPeas™ vegetable source of protein powder. For supplementing your protein intake, it doesn’t get any better or greener than ProPeas. The daily recommended intake is 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight (calculator: ). MostContinue reading “Green Protein from ProPeas”

AIM for Pure Nutrition

In the beginning, nature produced all the nutrition and medicine human beings needed to live healthy lives. All around the world, the knowledgeable use of medicinal plants grew over the ages. From the Amazon jungles to the Middle Kingdom of China, from the continent of Africa to the plains and forests of North America, theContinue reading “AIM for Pure Nutrition”

Nine Reasons Why You Should Take AIM BarleyLife

AIM BarleyLife young barley grass powder is a live, unprocessed and uncooked whole food concentrate which the nutrients are readily assimilated by our bodies. The unaltered natural vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes in BarleyLife give our bodies the fuel we need. Alkalinity Studies have shown that if our body pH is acidic; we willContinue reading “Nine Reasons Why You Should Take AIM BarleyLife”