Earn an Income with The AIM Companies

Shared by Mary-Ann and Mark Shearer, AIM Chairman’s Club Directors We love and use AIM products and have seen them help thousands attain great health. However, we also have watched many struggle to build businesses. A Business Builder Is: Someone who wants to own and build a business Someone prepared to invest time and moneyContinue reading “Earn an Income with The AIM Companies”

AIM BarleyLife Is Now Gluten-Free

It’s official! AIM is excited to announce that all BarleyLife 360 gram (Family size) and BarleyLife 180 gram (Convenience size) canisters are AIM certified Gluten-Free! How is a gluten-free BarleyLife achieved? As you might guess, it starts in the field. BarleyLife growing conditions and harvesting methods were carefully analyzed and refined to minimize the possibilityContinue reading “AIM BarleyLife Is Now Gluten-Free”

Spring Into Action Contest Leaderboard

Disclaimer: Contest dollars may include points that have not been validated as of the posting date. For more info, check your points on the AIM Member website.  As of right now, here are ‘AIM’s Spring Into Action’ contest leaders vying for a total of $20,000 in cash prizes. The top 10 competitors can earn $5,000,Continue reading “Spring Into Action Contest Leaderboard”

RediBeets Being Tested in Clinical Trials

Clare Zamzow, PhD candidate at Boise State University in Boise, Idaho, is using AIM’s RediBeets in an upcoming clinical trial at the college’s Human Performance Lab. The trial will test the effects of dietary nitrate on trained athletes during wingate trials. A wingate trial, for those unfamiliar, is similar to riding a stationary bicycle. TheContinue reading “RediBeets Being Tested in Clinical Trials”

The Secret Power of LeafGreens and Proancynol 2000

Oxidative stress is associated with disease, weight gain and the aging process. One of the ways that the body fights oxidative stress is with antioxidant enzymes released by the NRF2 pathway. NRF2 is a protein that lies dormant in each cell. Once that protein is activated, it slips into the cell’s nucleus and triggers theContinue reading “The Secret Power of LeafGreens and Proancynol 2000”

Who Will Win AIM’s Spring Into Action Contest?

The following AIM Members are eligible for a total of $20,000 in cash prizes in AIM’s ‘Spring into Action’ international contest. The top 10 competitors can earn $5,000, $4,000, $3,000, $2,000 and six chances at $1,000. Who will win?  This contest ends May 31, so keep up the excellent work. We wish you the best.Continue reading “Who Will Win AIM’s Spring Into Action Contest?”

AIMing for the 2017 National Senior Games

Celebrating the fact that you can be actively fit at any age, the National Senior Games celebrates its thirtieth anniversary in 2017. And AIM Directors Gary and Debra Pugh will be in Birmingham, Alabama, from June 7–11 to compete. “We live in Abernathy, Texas, but we traveled to Oklahoma in the fall of 2016 toContinue reading “AIMing for the 2017 National Senior Games”

AIM Nutrition: Essential for Good Health

With such a wide variety of AIM Nutrition available to Members, sometimes a little direction is needed, especially for those new to AIM. To keep it simple, let’s look at nutrition that is considered to be essential on a daily basis: greens, fiber and essential fatty acids (EFAs). AIM has supplemental options to increase theContinue reading “AIM Nutrition: Essential for Good Health”

Healthiest Version of Yourself

Shared by Heather Fausett, AIM Director in Auckland, New Zealand  Twenty years ago, at the age of thirty-two, Heather Fausett was diagnosed with a rare form of thyroid cancer, with a very poor prognosis. She had the tumor removed, and six weeks post-op, her health had made a miraculous turnaround. Before her diagnosis, Heather livedContinue reading “Healthiest Version of Yourself”

What’s at the Source of Your Pain?

Physical pain can occur anywhere in your body. It may be the result of an injury, such as banging your knee or toe, straining your back to lift something, or tripping and falling. The resulting pain is the inflammatory response of your body to heal the damage. Even when the source is not so obviousContinue reading “What’s at the Source of Your Pain?”