Red Rush for a Positive NO!

Out of breath?

Out of shape?

You need a nitric oxide boost in a bottle.

Red Rush is available in a 12-pack—that’s a dozen single shots of potent pick-me-up performance. The juice of five—count ’em—beets in each 74 ml shot of Red Rush provides 500 mg of vegetable nitrate.

Your body changes nitrate into nitric oxide or NO for short. But that’s a positive NO. Look at what happens to your body when you say YES to NO:

NO  Elevates your physical performance

NO  Boosts your circulation

NO  Maximizes your oxygen utilization

NO  Relaxes your smooth muscle

NO  Enhances your muscle performance

Feel the Red Rush difference in your own physical endurance.

You’ll be energetically pleased!

Author: The AIM Companies

Nutrition that Works!

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