Improved Blood Flow May Aid Weight Loss

A 2015 study published in Diabetes has shown that dietary nitrate might contribute to weight loss by helping turn sluggish, old white fat into frenetic, energy-burning beige fat. For those of you unfamiliar with the science behind this rainbow-like spectrum of possible fats, most of the current research indicates that weight loss can be stimulated by changing white fat into beige fat. Basically the theory is (explained super non-scientifically) that brown fat which generates heat is easier to burn off when compared to white fat. So when you burn off that brown fat, your body moves white fat to take its place and, therefore, weight loss.

OK. So now you’re in the know. That means it is time to bring up the newest study that I know of published in the Journal of Applied Physiology. Researchers tested to see if improving blood flow to brown fat would increase its activity, so they injected mice with a drug. The drug did not activate the beige fat, but researchers saw an uptick in glucose and calorie consumption by the brown fat and attributed it to the increased blood flow. Researchers plan to look at whether or not providing more blood flow to brown fat can help people with obesity.

Red Rush beet juice contains 500 mg of dietary nitrate in every shot, and dietary nitrate improves blood flow. Improved blood flow makes it easier to exercise. Exercising regularly is one of the key factors of weight loss. So drink Red Rush, improve your blood flow, exercise, lose weight and be happy.

Author: The AIM Companies

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