6 Nutritional Strategies for Surviving the Winter


Winter can be cold, rough and unfriendly. Sub-zero weather, constant snow, ice and sleet and little sunshine can take its toll. That’s no excuse for not getting proper nutrition, especially if you have access to the wonderful AIM products!

Fiber/Protein for Watching Your Weight


An individual’s annual weight gain usually occurs during the wintertime. Some of this may be due to the holiday season, but it could also be caused by coldness-induced inactivity. Protein and fiber supplements have been found to curb the appetite. Replace high-calorie snacks with AIM’s low-calorie Lean Team to keep that winter weight off.

Proancynol 2000 to Boost the Immune System


Winter cold often brings colds. I mean, the illness is pretty much named after the temperature that its synonymous with! It doesn’t get more spelled out than that. Antioxidants can bolster your immune system and help protect your from sniffles, sneezes and more!

Vitamin D


You may get glimpses of sunshine through the gray skies of winter, but they will be rare.  When you can’t get your vitamin D from sunshine, you’ll need to get more in your diet. You can get 70% of your daily vitamin D from CalciAIM. You’ll also get vitamin C (for immune system health), magnesium and calcium.

AIMega for the Winter Blues 


Do you have the wintertime blues? A study out of the University of Pittsburgh found that people with higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids were less likely to experience symptoms of both mild and moderate depression.  Stock up on AIMega to help keep the snowed-in blues at bay.

Composure for Cabin Fever


Speaking of snowed in. If you’re up to your neck in snowfall and can’t leave the house, don’t panic! Get anxiety relief from all-natural, herbal Composure and relax by the fireplace.

Red Rush (and RediBeets) to Stay Warm 

Improved circulation keeps you warmer, but you don’t have to take our word for it.


By AIM-sponsored athlete Sue Phillips-Leclerc:  @suezqqq Warmer temps got me like😜 or coulda been the @theredrush Coming for you Greek Peak! #ocrtraining #mountainlife#spartanrace

WG Cold.png\

 AIM Member and Red Rush Athlete Wynn Greer:  @theredrush cold out/ warm in. I honestly feel like Red Rush helps me stay warm on cold days. It just makes sense. Blood flow #nitricoxide #polarbear #worksonsnow #skifit #redrushathlete

A Frisk.png

By AIM-sponsored athlete Alexandra Frisk:  @alexxfrisk #redrushathlete#aimproducts give her the extra focus in performance on and off the ice #redrush #theredrush #nutritionthatworks#snowboarding #bcgirl #teamcanada


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