It’s a Bird. It’s a Plane. It’s Superoxide Dismutase!

Superoxide dismutase (SOD) is as powerful as a locomotive. You’ll find it in every living cell in your body. It’s an enzyme that functions as a primary antioxidant, so it helps break down potentially damaging oxygen molecules that can lead to chronic low-grade inflammation which plays a role in atherosclerosis, arthritis and many other illnesses.Continue reading “It’s a Bird. It’s a Plane. It’s Superoxide Dismutase!”

Heart Help

As the hardest working organ in the body, the heart deserves all the help it can get. Yet so many people go through life doing things that give their hearts a hard time: poor diet, lack of exercise, stressful thoughts, just to name a few of the hard-hearted things they may do. On top ofContinue reading “Heart Help”

No Bones About It! A Healthy Diet Strengthens Your Skeleton

The National Osteoporosis Foundation recommends women over the age of fifty add more calcium and vitamin D to their diets. That’s because as we age, we lose bone density, and this is especially true for women. Both of the aforementioned nutrients are well-known guardians of skeletal health. However, recent research indicates that there could be aContinue reading “No Bones About It! A Healthy Diet Strengthens Your Skeleton”

The Immune System and the Cancer Connection

In 1971, the National Cancer Act waged a war on cancer. Massive research followed although cancer continues to be the second leading cause of death to this day. Three main treatments are given to people with cancer: surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy. Other forms of treatment like hormonal therapy, biological therapy and stem cell transplantContinue reading “The Immune System and the Cancer Connection”

Interview with Lew Hollander: World’s Oldest IronMan Triathlete

Lew Hollander holds the world record for being the oldest person to complete an IronMan Triathlon as well as the record for being the oldest person to complete the IronMan Triathlon Championship in Kona, Hawaii. Red Rush: You’ve run about 2,000 races, correct? Lew Hollander: That’s an estimation, counting all the little races and the endurance riding.Continue reading “Interview with Lew Hollander: World’s Oldest IronMan Triathlete”

BarleyLife Now with More Chlorophyll

For over three decades, The AIM Companies has sold the finest green juice on the planet–BarleyLife.  Made from the raw, leaves of the young barley plant,  BarleyLife has helped countless people take control of their health through nutrition. BarleyLife is jam-packed with nutritional gems like beta-carotene, folate, superoxide dismutase, vitamin K, lutonarin and saponarin. But oneContinue reading “BarleyLife Now with More Chlorophyll”

Interview with UFC Fighter and Nitro Welterweight Champ Anton Zafir

Anton Zafir became the Nitro MMA Welterweight champion in 2014 after defeating Corey Nelson by unanimous decision.  A year later, Zafir who had been sidelined due to injuries successfully defended his title for the first time by defeating Ryan Heketa in under five minutes. We recently spoke to Zafir about his recent win, his fightingContinue reading “Interview with UFC Fighter and Nitro Welterweight Champ Anton Zafir”

If You’re Not Selling Vegetable Juice, You Should Be

The AIM Companies has provided world-class vegetable juice and business opportunities for over thirty-five years. We were touting the benefits of barley grass, carrot juice and beet juice back in the early 1980’s, long before it was cool. As people became increasingly aware of the gifts bestowed by well-balanced nutrition, they sought out alternatives to sugary sodaContinue reading “If You’re Not Selling Vegetable Juice, You Should Be”

Protein After Exercise Can Lead to Serious Weight Loss

There are a lot of reasons to grab a ProPeas protein shake immediately after your workout. Post-workout protein builds muscle mass and can help you recover from all those push-ups, jumping jacks and kettlebell swings. Now, a new study put forth by the European Journal of Nutrition suggests that downing some protein after exercise might help you loseContinue reading “Protein After Exercise Can Lead to Serious Weight Loss”

Why We Exclusively Use the Fresh Young Leaves of Green Barley

Hard work. Quality. Nature Unadulterated. These are the values infused in every canister of AIM’s BarleyLife.  To meet these high standards, we use only the fresh juice from the raw leaves of the young barley plant. This is not because it’s easier. Harvesting the juice from leaves of adult barley grass would be less laborContinue reading “Why We Exclusively Use the Fresh Young Leaves of Green Barley”