Dollars to Diamonds Contest Update 12/30


Disclaimer: Contest dollars may include points that have not been validated as of the posting date. For more info, check your points on the AIM Member website. 

Overall Winners

  1. Razia Jada (ZA) 6,260

  2. Muhammad Jada (ZA) 3,134

  3. Vanessa Weitsz (ZA) 2,956

  4. Karen and Matthew Miller (US) 2,927

  5. Ralph Peterson (US) 2,746

  6. Greens for Life, Inc. (US) 2,507

Current Contest:

  1. Marinda Van Den Bosch (ZA) 2,009

  2. Joan and Chris van Rensburg (ZA) 1,963

  3. Grant and Heather Fausett (NZ) 1,882

  4. Tanya Van der Westhuizen (ZA) 1,810

  5. Rita and Eno Vadertil (CA) 1,674

  6. M & M Healthy Sales (US) 1,670

  7. Rica Gerhardt (CA) 1,573

  8. Loren and Kathleen Schiele (US) 1,565

  9. Jon and Julie Upfold (ZA) 1,548

  10. The Natural Way Network (ZA) 1,510

  11. Elaine and Michael Burkholder (US) 1,238

  12. Yolanda De Villiers (ZA) 1,064

  13. Emma and Joseph Miller (US) 980

  14. Avodah Financial, LLC (US) 936

  15. Eddie and Lere’ Robinson (US) 914

  16. La Vie Health & Beauty Clinic (ZA) 907

  17. Nature’s Warehouse (ZA) 907

  18.  Ramilas Healing Arts Clinic (CA) 896

  19. Marlene and David Rawls (US) 893

  20. Herman Bloemhof (ZA) 892

  21. Michael and Mary King (US) 861

  22. Denice Campion (ZA) 855

  23. Madaleine Helm (ZA) 855

  24. Revolution Solution, Inc. (CA) 827

  25. Fathima Chupty (ZA) 808

  26. Joy and Nathan Thompson (US) 802

  27. Celeste Davis (US) 790

  28. Glenn and Laurie Miller (US) 753

  29. Moonira Vawda (ZA) 753

  30. Ascent Strategies, Inc. (US) 744

  31. Marietjie Agenbach (ZA) 711

  32. Deirdre Van Staden (ZA) 696

  33. Tina Wilkerson (US) 682

  34. Lisa Brogan (US) 649

  35. Quantum Knowledge Pty. Ltd. (AU) 634

  36. Michael and Erin Baty (US) 631

  37. Pat and Gene Blasingame (US) 592

  38. Rehana Peer (ZA) 583

  39. Ken and Lanny Donald (CA) 571

  40. Sil and Yoli Huron (US) 561

Dollars to Diamonds Contest Update 12/23


Disclaimer: Contest dollars may include points that have not been validated as of the posting date. For more info, check your points on the AIM Member website.

Overall Leaders:

  1. Razia Jada (ZA) 6,112

  2. Muhammad Jada (ZA) 3,019

  3. Vanessa Weitsz (ZA) 2,884

  4. Karen and Matthew Miller (US) 2,775

  5. Ralph Peterson (US) 2,667

  6. Greens for Life, Inc. (US) 2454

Current Contest:

  1. Chris and Joan van Rensburg (ZA) 1,942

  2. Marinda Van Den Bosch (ZA) 1,933

  3. Grant and Heather Fausett (NZ) 1,873

  4. Tanya Van der Westhuizen (ZA) 1,776

  5. Rita and Eno Vandertil (CA) 1,640

  6. M & M Healthy Sales (US) 1,610

  7. Rica Gerhardt (CA) 1,554

  8. Jon and Julie Upfold (ZA) 1,536

  9. The Natural Way Network (ZA) 1,505

  10. Loren and Kathleen Schiele (US) 1,499

  11. Elaine and Michael Burkholder (US) 1,200

  12. Yolanda De Villiers (ZA) 1,064

  13. Emma and Joseph Miller (US) 952

  14. Avodah Financial, LLC (US) 921

  15. La Vie Health and Beauty Clinic (ZA) 896

  16. Herman Bloemhof (ZA) 892

  17. Natures Warehouse (ZA) 889

  18. Lere and Eddie Robinson (US) 878

  19. Marlene and David Rawls (US) 862

  20. Madaleine Helm (ZA) 841

  21. Ramilas Healing Arts Clinic (CA) 825

  22. Revolution Solution, Inc. (CA) 814

  23. Fathima Chupty (ZA) 808

  24. Denice Campion (ZA) 806

  25. Michael and Mary King (US) 803

  26. Joy and Nathan Thompson (US) 802

  27. Celeste Davis (US) 757

  28. Ascent Strategies, Inc. (US) 744

  29. Moonira Vawda (ZA) 721

  30. Marietjie Agenbach (ZA) 711

  31. Gleen and Laurie Miller (US) 700

  32. Tina Wilkerson (US) 682

  33. Deirdre Van Staden (ZA) 676

  34. Michael and Erin Baty (CA) 629

  35. Lisa Brogan (US) 622

  36. Quantum Knowledge Pty. Ltd. (AU) 602

  37. Rehana Peer (ZA) 583

  38. Pat and Gene Blasingame (US) 576

  39. Sil and Yoli Huron (US) 561

  40. Ken and Lanny Donald (CA) 556

Peas Found to Be More Filling than Meat


Losing weight isn’t easy.  First, food is delicious, and secondly, the methods of slimming down are often unpleasant. There is only one surefire way to go about it, and that’s by consuming fewer calories than you expend. Creating this deficit usually requires diet and exercise.

However, there are lots of smart lifestyle hacks that one can employ to make your new, belt-tightening lifestyle stick. One of the best ways is by replacing a high-calorie snack with a low-calorie snack or by replacing a big meal with something simple, nutritious and low in calories. The problem there, of course, is that low-calorie foods often aren’t very filling, and you could end up hungry again after.

Luckily, new research may provide a smart solution to this dilemma–peas! That’s right, according to an article published in Food and Nutrition (2016),* beans and peas are more satiating than pork- and veal-based meals.  It’s long been known that protein can be used to curb hunger and aid weight loss, but now it seems that peas and beans might just do it best.

The AIM Companies provide the finest, cleanest pea protein in ProPeas. With only sixty calories per serving, it makes an effective, hunger-busting snack.  Additionally, adding a little fiber can also increase satiation, so pairing ProPeas with 10-calorie fit ‘n fiber will provide added protection against unwanted cravings. Try the Lean Team today.

Titled: *Meals based on vegetable protein sources (beans and peas) are more satiating than meals based on animal protein sources (veal and pork) – a randomized cross-over meal test study.

Magnesium Linked to All Sorts of Good Health


If you’re an AIM Member, you’ve probably heard about how important magnesium is. You likely know that it’s involved in over 300 biochemical processes or that some estimates show about 80% of the population may not receive adequate amounts. It’s also believed that magnesium deficiency (more severe than inadequacy) may affect up to 15% of the population!

It well known that magnesium helps build strong bones, contributes to energy production, is necessary for muscle contractions and heart rhythm. That’s some very important stuff, and no one should go without. A new study echoes this point.

A  meta-analysis published in BMC Medicine (December 2016) has displayed evidence that dietary magnesium may provide protection against several ailments, including cardiovascular disease, type-2 diabetes, stroke and even overall mortality.

Researchers looked at forty studies that compiled data from over 1 million test subjects. Using that huge store of information, scientists determined that those who consumed the most magnesium saw (when compared to those who consumed the least):

  • 10% Reduced Risk of Coronary Heart Disease
  • 12% Lower Risk of Stroke
  • 26% Lower Risk of Type-2 Diabetes

The scientists also believe that anyone who gets an extra 100 mg of magnesium daily could reduce their risk of stroke by 7% and the risk of type-2 diabetes by 19%.

You can get 104 mg of dietary magnesium in every serving of CalciAIM! It has a smooth citrus taste, and it also contains other important vitamins and minerals like vitamin D and zinc.

We also have Mag-nificence relaxing, effective topical magnesium available in both a lotion and a spray.  We’ve been a fan of magnesium for years now! prod6415e

This Is Why You Should Have a Facebook Business Page

Lew Content.png

Your personal page is a great way to remind your friends that its time to reorder or help them achieve better health, but if you want to engage new people, you should think about creating a Facebook business page.

A business page has many advantages. It allows you to focus in on a singular issue and advertise to a worldwide audience.


Focusing on a single issue is paramount to building a customer base from outside your personal circle of friends. Here’s an example: If you like the TV show The Gilmore Girls (I have never seen it personally, but I know it exists), and you post about The Gilmore Girls alongside your nutrition business, a new customer may become confused by your message. The Gilmore Girls may be a great show, but it has very little to do with nutrition. The customer might think, “Hey, this person cares more about The Gilmore Girls than they do helping me live a better life. I will shop elsewhere.”

Imagine if Wal-Mart or Target began randomly talking about how much they liked the movie Back to the Future instead of their retail offerings during their commercials. It would be a very confusing message, and you might end up taking your business to K-Mart.

A Facebook business page allows you to craft and control a singular message. This breeds trust with consumers and gives you an air of authority.  After seeing good results, they will come to trust your advice.


The biggest complaint about building a business page is “I have no followers!”   Of course, you’ll probably ask your friends to follow your business page, but they are already your friends and you probably already advertise to them anyway. It seems a hopeless cycle at first. But the journey of 1,000 miles starts with a single step.

The easiest way to engage and meet new people is through advertising, and you’ll need a Facebook business page to do that.  Placing an ad is a relatively simple and inexpensive process, and it allows you multiple advertising opportunities.

Placing a Facebook the actual ad is a mostly straightforward affair.  Facebook does most of the work for you. You only have to create an ad and pay for it.  However, it should be noted that Facebook places a lot of restrictions on what can and can’t be said in an ad. For instance, Facebook does not allow before-and-after photographs and it mostly disallows claims made in the the second person (anything using “you” Like: You will be healthy. You will lose weight. Do you feel tired?) It may take some fiddling to create an ad that’s approved, but it’s pretty easy all together.

You will also need to choose a demographic and a dollar amount. This will determine the size of your audience.

We recently ran a Facebook ad, using the story of Lew Hollander to engage potential beet juice drinkers.


As you can see, we reached over 1,600 people for only forty dollars.

Out of those 1,600 people, 70 of them liked the post. Several people began following Red Rush on their own, and  we then invited every person who liked to post to follow Red Rush. Several did. We now advertise to these people every time we place something on Facebook. That’s quite a value in the long run.

Additionally, we used the GoBarleyLife marketing platform, so anyone who clicked through to the ad, had the chance to become a lead in our capture page.

We received 7 leads (which we farmed out to Members), and many of these leads came with telephone numbers and email addresses. That means, the Members who received the leads can continue to advertise or talk to these contacts and help them with their nutrition.



Lew Hollander Ad.png

If you’re looking to expand your business online, the easiest and most efficient place to start is probably a Facebook business page.