Peas Found to Be More Filling than Meat

Losing weight isn’t easy.  First, food is delicious, and secondly, the methods of slimming down are often unpleasant. There is only one surefire way to go about it, and that’s by consuming fewer calories than you expend. Creating this deficit usually requires diet and exercise. However, there are lots of smart lifestyle hacks that one can employContinue reading “Peas Found to Be More Filling than Meat”

Magnesium Linked to All Sorts of Good Health

If you’re an AIM Member, you’ve probably heard about how important magnesium is. You likely know that it’s involved in over 300 biochemical processes or that some estimates show about 80% of the population may not receive adequate amounts. It’s also believed that magnesium deficiency (more severe than inadequacy) may affect up to 15% of theContinue reading “Magnesium Linked to All Sorts of Good Health”

This Is Why You Should Have a Facebook Business Page

Your personal page is a great way to remind your friends that its time to reorder or help them achieve better health, but if you want to engage new people, you should think about creating a Facebook business page. A business page has many advantages. It allows you to focus in on a singular issueContinue reading “This Is Why You Should Have a Facebook Business Page”