J.R. Celski to Headline Short Track Fall World Cup Team


Three-time Olympic medalist J.R. Celski— whose Olympic career has often been hampered by injuries—is back in top form as he sets his sights on the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea. Celski dominated at the U.S. Speedskating Short Track World Cup Qualifier on Sunday, October 2. During the qualifier, he swept all four events over two days, winning both the 500m and the 1000m races. In fact, Celski won all 15 of his race heats. It was later announced that Celski would headline the 2016 Short Track Fall World Cup men’s team.

“Any coach would be pumped to have J.R. on their team. Since he’s gotten older, he has grown more into the leadership role in terms of him being a vocal leader and not only a leader during training,” Men’s Short Track Head Coach Anthony Barthell said of Celski on TeamUSA.org.

Celski regularly uses the AIM products and has been sponsored by AIM for thirteen years, and we are proud of all he’s accomplished and for what, it seems, he is poised to accomplish. J.R. has used most of the AIM products during his storied career, but BarleyLife, AIMega, Peak Endurance and RediBeets are some of his favorites. Also, Red Rush—another preference of his—was specifically developed for J.R.


AIM Peak Endurance: The Sweet Cheat


A True Energy Boost with No Drawbacks

Each one of us has run out of energy at an inconvenient moment: nearly falling asleep while driving, nodding off while listening to your Aunt Mabel’s “disappearing pie” story for the 100th time or finding oneself too tuckered out to go all in during a workout.

During drowsy moments, many people reach for soda, energy drinks or a sports beverage to provide them with a quick boost of vivacity, so they can power through the situation. However, that energy comes with a cost: unnecessary calories, refined sugar and,
possibly, your health.

Soda, of course, is one of the worst offenders to public health. A can of cola contains 28 grams of sugar and contains 110 calories. And according to researchers at the Cleveland Clinic and Harvard, regular soda consumption can increase your risk of stroke.

Energy drinks are also bad news. They contain, on average, 30 grams of refined sugar and 100 calories apiece. What’s worse is that regular consumption of energy drinks has been linked to heart problems, insomnia and anxiety. They also rot your teeth.

Sports drinks—which typically contain 20 grams of sugar and 100 calories—are chocked full of sodium. To be fair, sports beverages aren’t necessarily terrible if you’re a professional athlete who needs to replace sodium lost during a big game, but most people drink them while sitting on the couch and watching TV. Drinkers typically end up with an excess of sodium.

Peak Endurance is your only sensible alternative for low-sugar, low-calorie energy. Not only does it provide Peak ATP® and a smattering of electrolytes, it also offers 50% RDA of six different B vitamins as well as 72% RDA of vitamin C. One serving of Peak Endurance provides all these things for only thirty calories and one gram of sugar. It’s the smartest, healthiest way to ensure your energy stays at its peak.


Outstanding Support from AIM


Shared by Marilyn Rough, AIM Preferred Member in London, Ontario

In September 2016, Marilyn Rough tuned in to a teleclass entitled “The Wonders of AIM’s Magnesium Products” presented by AIM Director Rica Gerhardt. Afterward, Marilyn emailed Rica to thank her because she is a new woman as a result of taking the time to call in and listen. Marilyn shared this email and more during an interview by telephone.

“I have had a lot of pain for the last eighteen years, first with fibromyalgia, which I claim to no longer have for the past six years. Since then, however, I have been left with the pain of arthritis. My hips and sciatic nerve have been the most problematic. The debilitating pain was 24/7.

“AIM Director Barbara Bird introduced me to The AIM Companies, but I decided to do some research before becoming a Member. I discovered that AIM provides an incredible support system, including leaders who are so willing to share their expertise, a wealth of online information, the AIM Academy, webinars and teleclasses. And I familiarized myself with AIM’s incredible nutrition.

“I started taking AIM products in July 2016. Herbal Fiberblend cleansed my body and ended chronic constipation. The Garden Trio gave me extraordinary nutrition and increased my energy levels. AIMega gave me the essential omegas that I really needed. Frame Essentials helped with adjusting from aches to wellness. I no longer haven to take my pharmaceutical medication, but I do have tolerable lingering aches and pains, depending on my activities.

“As well, my sponsor Barbara Bird gifted me with Mag-nificence spray, but I did not use it right away. When I asked Rica Gerhardt if it would help, she said, ’By all means, merrily use it!’

“I told my husband that I thought I would try it and sprayed Mag-nificence on my body where it was aching. I cannot explain how this pain went away; I am dumbfounded. It was nothing short of a miracle!

“In five days Mag-nificence relieved what two years of physio was unsuccessfully trying to do. My typing finger is as good as it is going to get, and the pain in my sciatic nerve is at 0.5 percent, literally unreal!

“I am so thankful to Rica for sharing her knowledge. Now I know that every day I can start with sprays and reach for it when I get a flare-up. Mag-nificence is amazing.”

AIM for Quality of Life


Shared by Donna Reeves, AIM Director in Baltimore, Ontario

I looked after my ninety-one-year-old foster dad, Will, who officially adopted me when I was in my sixties. Will was totally blind, in poor health and living with his third wife in Florida when I went to pick him up. He had been constipated for over a month. I gave him laxatives, but nothing worked.

He came back with me to Canada because doctors suspected that he had cancer and would most likely die on the way to his home in Sarnia, Ontario. I was beside myself on the drive back, but we made it. When my dad was examined at a local hospital, it turned out that he had fluid on the lungs, not cancer.

His wife had left him, so I decided to take him home to live with me in Sudbury, Ontario. First thing I did was to change his diet entirely. Will loved Cream of Wheat, so I started adding Herbal Fiberblend. He thought it tasted great! At noon, I made salads and added BarleyLife. And he ate regular suppers that he enjoyed. Within two to three days, he was amazed when he started to have regular bowel movements.

Proper nutrition along with AIM’s Dynamic Duo made a huge difference. Up to that point, Will had been bedridden, but now he was feeling much healthier. He had always been an awesome singer, so I began taking him to senior choirs. Everybody loved Will, the eldest member of the group.

At home, I had set up a room where he could walk around and feel safe. I regularly invited neighbors to come in and talk to him. A personal support worker was amazed at how well I looked after my dad. She bathed and fed him while I went to the gym, which gave me a break and helped to keep me healthy.

By becoming my foster dad when I was a young girl, Will improved my life, so I was happy to make a positive difference during the remainder of his. He lived for another three years, enjoying the quality of life he deserved.

AIMega Improved My Eyesight


Shared by Darlene Vandermey, AIM Director in Glen Allan, Ontario

I began wearing glasses for distance when I was in grade 2. Each year, my eye exam showed a decline and lenses had to be changed. As an adult, I continued to struggle with this, and then the time came when I was told I would need bifocals.

The year that AIM introduced AIMega, I began taking it for the overall health benefits, not really thinking of how it might help my eyes. However, my eyesight has improved ever since, in fact so much so that my recent exam this summer showed that I no longer need bifocals. And the astigmatism is gone.

My optometrist also did an optomap retinal scan, capturing more than 80 percent of the retina in one panoramic image. In addition to eye conditions, this test can also show signs of other diseases in the body long before you notice any changes. My test results were perfect, and my optometrist commented on how healthy my eyes are and the rest of me too.

Why has this happened? Every cell has a membrane around it, which can become rigid. This makes it very difficult for nutrients to get into the cell and for waste matter to get out. AIMega’s essential fatty acids help to keep that membrane pliable, so nutrition gets in and waste matter gets out. This is what I believe has happened with my eyes; the cells are absorbing and using  the nutrients of this amazing product. So, if my eyes are benefiting, then I also know other cells in my body are as well.

I highly recommend that everyone consider taking this product on a regular basis. I sure do!  AIMega’s essential fatty acids help to keep that membrane pliable, so
nutrition gets in and waste matter gets out. This is what I believe has happened with my eyes; the cells are absorbing and using the nutrients of this amazing product.